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Today is the time daughters and sons traditionally give a gift to 675_0_valentine-day-heart-candy-and--valentine-day-hearttheir father.  And I am sure you came up with a rock n’ gift for those of you who still have their Dad’s in the physical.


Yet, today is also the day you can discover what gifts your father has given you! Even if your father had challenges, or wasn’t “the good enough father” you can still discover the life awakening gifts your father gave you!


Red meditation mirrorFor instance, my father taught me many wonderful lessons and wisdom by providing me with many “bad” examples – teaching me what NOT to do as a partner, boss or parent! In fact, without my beloved dad, I would never have done such deep spiritual and clinical study.  And I would not have been so deeply triggered to explore my inner work – which eventually uncovered the hidden buried treasure of my wholeness and light.


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You see, because my dad couldn’t see me, I had to learn how to see myself.  I had to awaken deep enough to mirror my inner wholeness back to myself.


fathersdayAnd, today, I can even discover a few positive examples of what I can learn from my dad. Now that was a huge tipping point moment!  And, yes today I love him dearly – anyways. Follow these tips to uncover the golden gifts your dad gave you!

Part 1

List the 3 most painful negative beliefs about yourself that your father brought into your life?

Don’t “think” about it, just list the first three beliefs that come into your head. 

(For instance, I can’t trust men, I will always struggle financially, I can’t be strong?)  And, if he didn’t teach you any, skip this part and part 2 for another day.


Part 2

List the false sense of self that came from those negative beliefs. (I am weak, not able to provide for myself, I am weaker than men.)


Part 3

List any positive, true beliefs your father taught you. For instance, men are safe and supportive, I love loyalty, I can support others.

(And if he didn’t teach you any, skip this part  and Part 4 for another day and go to Part 5.)

Part 4

List the positive sense of self he beautifully mirrored back to you.


Part 5

Where in your body do you hold any negative false self left over from your father’s wounding/or life. (For instance,  your heart or stomach  (ego stuff) or 3rd chakra, or heart, shoulders…) 


What is the negative emotion and belief held there?  Be specific.


Part 6 – A

Invoke the energy of the wise, good enough, very supportive father archetype.

Imagine it, feel it, believe it’s amazing loving energy come in to all parts of your body (front/back; top/bottom; left/right)!

Part 6-B

As you receive in the positive father archetype, also imagine what healing beliefs the wise father energy would bring in to counteract the negative beliefs your own father (or father figures) might have triggered for you.


Feel the positive beliefs as both an emotion and sensation in your mind and body so the light can melt the darkness.  Drink it in.


Imagine any negative “gifts” being transformed so you get the positive gifts!


Let this healing energy in – every cell, down to the bone marrow and even deeper. Breathe, receive, breathe, receive! If you have trouble letting in the high vibrational energy of love and support, then move your body, dance, exercise and expand your energy field until you can let it in!


Sending love and support along the way, and feel free to reach out if you need extra tips! 


(Please read the exciting ME-B Works news below and let me know what you think!)


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