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In this Sunday morning awakening video, I help you discover how to notice when you are taking on someone’s negative energy and how to transform the negative energy into power and positive manifestation.




The truth is, the more self-aware you become, the more you are able to know when your energy is hurting someone and when someone’s energy is slowing you down and negatively affecting your ability to move forward in life.


If you take on someone’s energy, it means there is a part of your energy field that is merging with their energy field. All of us have done this and will do it again. It is not “bad” to do this. It is simply information that points an arrow to what inside you is asking for love, support and transformation.


In other words, as you become more self-aware, you will do it less often and when you do let someone’s energy merge with you, you can quickly get the lesson, shift your false self and deepen into your true wholeness. The following are tips on how to do this more skillfully!


4fd60cfb8ddcc.preview-620TIP 1:

Scan Your Body-Energy System

Develop the skill to scan your body-energy system to assess what emotions or triggers are self-created and which ones are not yours is a powerful ability to develop and deepen. To gradually embody this skill, practice feeling sensations in your body. (Free video/e-book on connecting to your body click here)



Smiley Face Expressions ShockTIP 2:

Identify the emotion or belief that you took on from someone and then locate where it is held in your body.

Surrender into the area of the body-energy system that is holding the other person’s energy. In essence you want to lean into the “pain” so you can identify exactly what part of your false self is asking for transformation.


As you do this, notice what is the emotion or belief that is negatively affecting you. For instance, it may hold judging and attacking feelings, emotions or beliefs. Write down what you find. If you can’t find anything or need more support with this skill, feel free to reach out to me for support.


g_1.29_thumbTIP 3:

Raise your vibration higher than the energy you took on from them so it transforms from your false self into your true core being wholeness.


There are many ways to raise your vibration high enough so the “merging” energy releases, transforms and becomes a wise anchor into your inner wholeness.

  • Have your core being wholeness send you love – receive that high vibration into the part of your body-energy system that is holding the negative merging energy. Surrender more to receive and let it transform.


  • Exercise/Yoga/Meditate – maybe even go into nature for a hike, bike or run – let the “charge” of the exercise raise your vibration then pause, and receive that charge into the area of your body-energy system that held the other person’s energy.


  • Get a massage, healing, private transformation session, acupuncture, singing bowls…to help shift the negative energy out of your body.


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