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Did you know, you live in a magical quantum reality that is malleable? Yes, you can be the conscious creator of a higher reality, as you learn how! I teach students to awaken to their higher consciousness, embody their true self, and use that inner wholeness to manifest health, joy and positive manifestation.


Unfortunately, some people create what they want in the world by using other, less awakened methods.  Instead of cultivating higher consciousness to manifest what they want, they can use bullying, belittling defense, denial, delusion, and attack.


I think this split between how people approach being in the world is exemplified by looking at the political chasm happening in the United States’ presidential race.


Which techniques do you use for creating what you desire in your life?


Do you use negative defensive reactivity or do you use the higher quantum frequencies of wisdom, healthy power and compassion?


The truth is, all of us sometimes default to a lower vibration, and thus sometimes create our life from our negative programming and our wounds.


None of us are perfect, and none of us act in our heightened enlightened wholeness, all of the time. For instance, we can sometimes react with anger and blame when we feel stressed and overwhelmed.  In essence, we can all split away from our higher self and lose sight of the deeper truth of how to act from our wise Core Being. However, as more of us learn the skills to create our life out of love, wisdom and healthy power – everyone in the world benefits! 


See the tips below on how to live from a quantum reality that is built upon transforming your negative reactive behaviors, thoughts and false self into wholeness, and a healthy empowerment.


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TIP 1 – Identify (Name/Own/Claim) Your Typical Negative Defensive Reactivity



One of the most difficult skills my students must learn is to identify, in the moment, when they are reacting from defense versus acting from wisdom and wholeness.


Although you might think this is an easy task, it is the most difficult life skill you can learn.


This week, watch yourself. Then take time to list your typical defensive reactive behaviors. Also notice and identify – in which type of situations/conditions – are these negative behaviors the strongest. 


For instance, one of my typical negative behaviors that can create a negative reality for me is when I am reacting in a co-dependent manner. When I do this, I take on blame and responsibility for every negative thing that happens. At one point of my life, I did this so much that when the 9-11 attack happened, a part of me thought I was somehow responsible for it! I psychically felt something terrible would happen, yet I wasn’t clear enough to get the message to prevent it.
So, in this exercise, instead, of going into your old, unhealthy behaviors, follow the steps below.

(1) Identify your typical unhealthy negative habituated action.


(2) Outline what could be a healthier manifestation response through transforming your inner emotional pain and false self to wholeness and positive creation.


After all, you may have seen narcissistic, defensive reactivity when people bully their way to create what they want (Trump). In fact, one study showed that people with narcissistic personality disorder make income in the top 10 percent of all Americans. So, although it may take a much deeper alignment to create from that higher place within you – I believe the world will be a better place, if we make the added effort to transform – instead of bulling our way to manifestation!



TIP 2: Lean into the pain of the challenge so it can transform – yet don’t let it define your inner value.


You can’t change, if you can’t open to see the parts of you that can hold you back. There is some deep emotional pain that feeds their existence and perpetuates their role in your life. As you learn how to feel the hidden emotional pain, yet not “be” the pain – it can transform. Follow the tips above, and if needed, get the additional support you need to learn exactly how to feel, so that the pain transforms and a wiser wholeness is incarnated into your beloved human form!


In addition, registration is now formally open for you to join our Integrative Mind Energy Body Certification Coaching Program. I invite you to contact me, if you haven’t already, so we can meet to see if it is a good fit for you! Video and details at this link!  I look forward to connecting! (720-530-7621; Carolyn@mindenergybody.org)


Sending love and blessings along your way,





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