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Congratulate yourself for the deep healing you have done! I know it is not easy to lean into your emotional pain, really embody and own the triggers and negative defenses of your past, and then take the leap to learn how to transform that negative quantum reality and create a new, higher vibrational life.


Everyone that is brave enough to really own their defenses and triggers, is inspiring!


This is because, it is so easy to become enmeshed and merge with your emotional pain. So, as I look around me, I find that most people simply choose to avoid the pain or blame someone else for it.


Yet, if we avoid, doesn’t it show up stronger, deeper and may even present as anxiety, sleep issues, depression or illness?


So all of you that chose to feel, and learn how to heal…you inspire me!


You see, there is a better way to feel so you heal and not just rewound or become overwhelmed by the negative self-talk, thoughts or emotions.


Here are some tips to launch you on your way so you can find miracles knocking on your door!


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Tip 1: Feeling is not always Healing – It Is How You Feel That Determines If You Heal!


In this immediate, consumer culture we live in, it is becoming increasingly difficult to delay gratification. And, because we are programmed to seek immediate pleasure, avoidant and codependent behavior patterns are growing in the United States.


It is important to learn how to feel so that you can heal your false self and negative patterns. Yet, it is more complicated than that. You must learn exactly how to feel so you don’t re-wound yourself when you face those dark corners in your life.


To do this, I invite you to learn how to feel negative emotions, beliefs, trauma and your false defensive self as an energetic construct.


What do I mean by seeing it as an energetic construct? It is when those emotions, beliefs and false self become energy particles that can transform to lessons, wisdom and wholeness. This is when you are able to experience the “negative” in a manner that it no longer serves as a litmus test on your own inner value.


This is also when you can let the “pain” serves as a teacher, and as an energetic resource. When this happens, you move beyond “processing” your feelings, you then can skillfully discover how to transform those negative beliefs and emotions into wisdom, power and wholeness.


Yet, if you feel the emotional pain and life challenge in a manner that defines your inner value, then you can too easily rewound and create those negative avoidant behaviors. This is when narcissism and co-dependency spreads, and the energy field of a strong and loving, wise, kind heart is lost.


So reach out and get support, or simply remember that those un-supportive thoughts, false self and emotions are simply energy asking you to learn how to feel them in a manner that they can transform. As you learn how to do this, you actually incarnate more wholeness into your mind and body. This whole process of learning how to feel so that you heal is the process of spiritual awakening. So if you avoid feeling, you are also avoiding a deeper anchor into your spiritual wholeness!


Tip 2: If you can’t feel sensations and emotions in your body, there is a level of freeze and defense that is holding you back!


So many of us can walk around all day and never feel emotions or sensations in the body. This is when you live in your head and mind in a manner that disconnects you from your body. Yet, your body is your energy transformer.


You see, the body is a powerful energy tool that, as you learn how, you can use it to shift out of our false self and into your inner wholeness. When used skillfully together, your mind and your body become a vehicle for spiritual awakening. The body, when the healthy whole higher mind is connected to it, becomes our most vital supportive energetic resource to help us get through a difficult day.


Or as neuroscientist and M.D. Bessel Van Der Kolk says in his book The Body Keeps the Score (p.95) states:

“Agency starts with what scientist call interception, our awareness of our subtle sensory, body-based feelings: the greater that awareness, the greater our potential to control our lives. Knowing what we feel is the first step to knowing why we feel that way. If we are aware of the constant changes in our inner and outer environment, we can mobilize to change them.“


Tip 3: Can you experience your true self (Spiritual Core Being Wholeness) throughout your day – both as a sensation of tingles and flows, and as an emotion of bliss?


Rarely do I have the privilege of meeting a client or student for the first time and they say, “Yes I know my spiritual wholeness….I know that is the truth of me!”


Yet, isn’t that what we are supposed to know at the deepest levels?


How else can we really awaken, be kind, love ourselves and create our life from our best self?


If we want to move beyond the denseness of pain that is too often present in this earthly plane, we must also be able to move beyond our false self and embody our inner wholeness.  


This is not an easy task as we have hormones, brain neurons, negative wiring, ego, trauma, and years of negative self-talk that gets in our way.


Yet, one of the spiritual laws I teach is that your sense of self, creates your reality. If you are connected to your false self – you will create a lower vibrational reality than if you are connected to your true self.


Take some time now and write down some of the qualities of your true self. Or, if that is too challenging, ask someone that loves you to help you outline who you really are. Then do a meditation where you practice feeling these high vibrational qualities that represent your true self.


Practice feeling them as a sensation and emotion in the body – then self-identify as those amazing positive tingles, flows of your inner wholeness! Write me and let me know how it goes and what additional support you may need.


And, if so moved, and you want to learn more, my year-long awakening certification training begins soon. Reach out to me and we can see if it is a good fit. There are only a few slots left so contact me soon! Click here for details. Click here to apply and set up a meeting!


Sending love and blessings along your way,





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