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It is not everyday that we give ourselves the gift of awakening. We get so busy and it is so easy to lined up can see alllose our connection to our bigger selves.


Yet, what is more important than knowing who you really are and incarnating more wholeness into your everyday life?  I call these vital manifesting skills, giving yourself a masters in life!


This is why I want to publicly congratulate my students that graduated from my year-long awakening and transformation coaching program.


As they can tell you, it is not easy to look at the parts of yourself that have forgotten their light and then coax them back into remembering their wholeness.  It is much easier to stay in defensive stuck old patterns. Yet, the world needs courageous people who are willing to get those self-mastery skills – now more than ever. 


So this week’s video  is devoted to honoring them and the journey they courageously took.  And because of their courage and strength, the world is a better place.

Thank you graduates, for all you do in the world!


IMG_3091And, if you too are so moved to journey forward, there are still a few spaces left in my year-long Mind Energy Body Transformation Coaching Program. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you are interested.

Those who are born sensitive, loving and yet don’t feel they fit in to this crazy world – have a unique and powerful mission to follow. Get the support you need to bring your gifts into the world in a bigger way! It is perfect for those who are ready for deep transformation skills, and are willing to lean into the pain and, awaken their Core Being wholeness.  (Begins August 26!)

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Sending love and blessings along the way!







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