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Does procrastination get in the way of your life task? Watch this video and discover 3 tips for moving forward in your life!



If you are procrastinating and not moving forward in implementing your life task, take some time to locate and feel the emotional pain or false sense of self that is holding you back.


You see, procrastination is an avoidant behavior pattern. In order to progress, you must feel the emotional pain and transform it. Without accessing, understanding, then transforming the pain, you will (subconsciously) find distractions that prevent you from moving forward.



Don’t link your sense of self to whether or not you implemented your life task in a successful manner. You see, if you “cling” to the belief that if you “fail” to successfully implement your life task, that you too are a failure – you will avoid moving forward.


However, if you embody a whole sense of self – that is individuated and differentiated from any “successful” outcome – then there will be no ego excuses to procrastinate.



If you search to find your life task – you will always be in the looking and finding mode. Instead, open to receive information about your life task.

So how to you open without searching or grasping to find your life task? One suggestion is to watch your dreams for clues.  Or, you may get an intuitive hit to follow a certain path. Open to receive guidance and see what comes in and where it leads you. Don’t search or grasp to find it.


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