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I encourage you to create a new vernacular around the concept of higher self that is deeply aligned with the fact that:


1) Everyday you wake up with the inner power to cultivate and embody what some call the “higher self”


2) And, that there is a simple process, you can follow, so that your “higher self” can be realized and embodied (incarnated) into your human form


3) Lastly, that a pivotal step in this simple process is to quit calling it the “higher self” (as if it was something outside of you) and instead, call it your true self or Core Being as I have come to call it.


You see, when you believe your so-called “higher self” is something different from you. Even better than you – you can too easily believe your wounded parts are the truth of you.



And, as a result, you can become lost and unable to differentiate between (1) your wounded parts and (2) your inner spiritual Core Being wholeness.



Yet, if you can label your thoughts and negative beliefs as something produced by your brain and life’s hurtful programming, and if you know they don’t represent the truth of who you really are, then you also open yourself up to the innate power to change those negative thoughts, emotional reactivity, and painful habituated negative patterns!


In essence, what I am saying is:

As you deepen your ability to self-identify as your true self (Core Being) this also opens you up to getting the skill to more consciously incarnate your Core Being into this beloved human form.



This is when you no longer become a victim to your brain’s negative ego thought patterns. And, over time, as your skills advance, you can learn to use the dark corners of the hurt human aspects as the energetic vehicle to incarnate more wholeness into human form.



This is why I suggest you throw out the word “higher self” and instead call it your true self or Core Being. Because, simply taking this small step, will help you rewire your brain so there is no connotation or perpetuated subtle belief that your wholeness is outside of you – or that it is better than you!


It will also help you begin, throughout your day, to self-identify as that bigger true self.


For the most important step toward spiritual awakening is to discover who you really are and not who you have been programmed to think you are!


Steps on how to do this are outlined below. (And, for a few more weeks, in honor of the upcoming holidays – my online self-mastery program is on sale. Click here for details and registration!)



shutterstock_89093842-660x405Tip 1: Thoughts and feelings are simply energetic frequencies. They are not truth. So don’t believe the negative thoughts in your head. Instead, assess their value and validity from your bigger wholeness and not your wounded parts.


So many of us believe our thoughts and our emotions represent the truth of a situation. We let thoughts and emotions define our inner value. Instead of believing your thoughts and feelings – assess if they are part of the ego programming or wisdom from your true inner wholeness.



Red-meditation-mirrorTip 2: Learn to connect to your bigger true wholeness (Core Being). Specifically, discover how to feel the sensation and emotion of your true self within the mind and body.


Follow the below meditation to assist you in this process:

  • Ground deeply into your body and do movements—such as dancing to music. This will help you balance and expand your energy field. Imagine it balanced front to back, top to bottom, and left to right.



  • List 5 qualities that represent your spiritual wholeness such as I am compassionate, wise, creative, have integrity. Imagine you can feel those true self qualities as an emotion of joy and as a tingle and flow sensation in your body.



  • Expand your awareness outward and imagine your wholeness energetically coming in the top of the head. Pause and receive it into your body. Let it flow as low as possible into the body. Let it fill every cell – like sand fills an hourglass.


Begin to feel your wholeness. Melt into it, and let areas that can receive it expand and spread to areas that have not yet received it. Melt, surrender and expand. Feel free to play music and move to anchor it in even more!



angel smokingTip 3: Once you have the awareness of who you really are, and not who you have been programmed to be – take time throughout your day to self-Identify as your wholeness and not self-identify as your negative programming.


Notice where you feel the Core Being wholeness in your body – and then, develop the skill to feel it as a sensation and as an emotion of bliss in your body and mind.


As you can feel the sensation of your Core Being in your body – when you are feeling that sensation, at the same time say out loud – “There I am, that is my true self!”



675_0_valentine-day-heart-candy-and--valentine-day-heartTip 4: Send love to the parts of your mind and body that are not resonating, vibrating and aware of your spiritual Core Being wholeness.



This is probably the most important tip and yet it can feel very difficult to accomplish. This is because the human mid-brain is primed to judge the “negative” parts within you and label them wrong or bad.


Yet the truth is, your mistakes and imperfections show up and appear so that they may receive love, kindness and healing from your Core Being inner wholeness – not judgment and attack.


It is important for you to discover how to send your imperfect and fearful parts love, from the place within you – that self-identifies as your wholeness – and not your wounded parts. 


If you want to advance your self-mastery skills in this area, I encourage you to also take advantage of my online self-mastery class called the Secret Code. (Click Here) It is discounted through the holidays! And, as always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or needs.

Sending love and blessings along the way,












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