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Below is a video and tips on cultivating presence, and what does it really mean to be present. Some say, practicing washing the dishes fosters presence. Well, with my ADHD, that concept never worked for me. What other methods might be useful? Also, remember the discount sign up for my August workshop ends soon so sign up today!

Part I: Who is showing up for you, your false self and defenses or your spiritual wholeness (Core Being)?


Take some time to expand your energy field and connect to your Core Being. For instance, jog in place for 3 minutes or do 50 jumping jacks then pause to receive that energy charge. Close your eyes and feel sensations in your body. Let yourself surrender into feeling first your cheeks and jaw, then your neck, upper chest and upper back. Slowly scan your awareness down your body – front/back; top/bottom; left/right. Pause throughout the scan and feel good sensations and positive emotions in the body. Then, make sure you self-identify as those good feelings and sensations. Say, out loud to yourself, “This is the true me; this is my Core Being. Once you have a better sense of being connected to your Core Being, spend the day noticing who is “doing” your life. Ask the question, “Is my Core Being talking/walking/eating/acting or is it my false self?” Simply notice who is in charge of you!


PART II: Rewire your brain for higher consciousness by noticing when your Core Being is in charge.


As you notice who is in charge, your Core Being or false defensive self, whenever you notice your Core Being is “doing” your life, take a moment to pause and breath into the body. Say in your mind, this is me, this is the true me. Then at the same time feel in your body the sensations and energy of your Core Being.

As you learn to do that throughout the day, you rewire your brain so you name, own and claim your Core Being true identity and you rewire your brain so this process becomes easier.

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, I invite you to my workshop August 25-26 where we take these skills to the next level. Click here for registration and more information!


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