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Don’t just play a small part in your life – be the powerful embodiment of your bigger self and create your own reality. Maybe you have more power than you think!

You are the center stage and you are the main character in your life, so you might as well be the most powerful character as well!

Come discover 5 new visions of how to take charge of your life so your wounded, smaller, or hurt parts no longer create a drag on your happiness.

At times, we all need someone to help us remember that we are so much more than we think we are! Watch the video and read the tips below to see a new vision of yourself.

Vision 1

Today, explore all the ways you have choice to act and react differently. Just notice how you can have more choice. Don’t try to change your reactions, just get to know those “characters” you play and explore how you can have more choice around which characters are in charge of your life! Then write down your observations.

Vision 2

Once you notice you have more choice, imagine you also have the power to play a wiser and more enlightened role in your life. For instance, practice acting as if you love yourself. Imagine that those unhelpful characters that you sometimes play, deserve the love of your bigger self. They have roots, grown from your inner wounding. So take a moment to send them healing love and wisdom. As you discover how to love the parts of you that are imperfect and make mistakes, you become your own healer!

Vision 3

Then, pick a few hours today where you practice “acting” as if your negative defenses were not in charge of your actions, thoughts and words.

Vision 4

Now, take time to also notice which “actors” within you want to react in a negative, defensive or less aware fashion. Be as specific as possible in understanding those parts you sometimes play.

  • How old do they feel?
  • What is the false sense of self and negative beliefs that rule their actions?

Get to know each character as well as you can. As you get to know them better, they then tend to lose their power so they no longer become the main character in your life. For instance, what is the emotional pain (child consciousness) that feeds those characters?

Vision 5

Vision 5 is actually, the most important skill to practice because it asks you to learn the process where your wise “main character” can get the support needed so that he/she can heal the “wounded actor parts within you.”

I call the energy of your external, unconditional loving kind “actor” the Enlightened Observer. The Enlighten Observer is “universal source” energy. And, if you call upon it, then open to receive, this loving energy will come in to support you. Take a moment today to call upon that energy to help you reconnect to your wise main character when you feel lost and overwhelmed.

So how do you do this?

Begin by connecting, with your kind mind, to your crown chakra at the top of the head. Then, invite the Enlightened Observer’s loving energy to shine upon you like a bright sun.
1) Specifically, ask for its loving support.
2) Then, pause, and open to receive it.

The more you practice the Enlightened Observer skill, the stronger you become able to feel the support come in! For it is always there, just waiting for you to open to receive it.

Just today, follow these visions and get to know your characters. And, if you need extra support, feel free to contact me for a private session at this link!
And, I hope you can join me at my August 25-26 workshop. Space is limited so please click here to register today.

Soon, I will share with you other opportunities to help you get the skills to become the wise and powerful main character in the play of your best life! 

Sending love and blessings along your way,






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