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“How you feel, determines if you heal.” This is a powerful axiom to actualize. You see, there are some emotions that can foster deeper spiritual awakening much more than other emotions…that is, IF you know exactly how to feel them.


Some emotions have a huge energetic charge, that when felt skillfully, can deepen your connection to your true self and can help you reset your life onto a better course. So what is one of the main emotions that helps you shrink your ego and activate wisdom and success? It is the amazing power you can receive from being humbled by a daunting challenge, yet re-awakened by healing your ego’s attachment to perfection, or needing to control.


As you can learn to comfort your ego’s pain and embrace the feeling of being humbled by your mistakes or miscalculations, you free yourself of the biggest enemy of all, self-judgment. The lion in everyone’s bedroom is always those late night looping anxieties that bubble to the surface when there are no distractions. Your ego gets stronger at night and it threatens to steal sleep and inner peace from you.


As you develop the skills to meet your ego’s cruel attacks, and let yourself feel the power of humility, yet don’t collapse into the pain, you then become humbled. Your ego shrinks and no longer controls your inner value. Too often success in life can be stilted because the ego triggers us all to lose our inner guidance system and succumb to the belief that we are less than. Yet, as you embrace the state of being that activates humility, there is no litmus test of value you can be held against. You free yourself and awaken strength.


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