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As women are better equipped to claim their healthy inner bitch, we are also more empowered to protect ourselves and learn how to heal those negative patterns. You see, so many of us can play small to stay safe. We also can feel tired of being told that we are too sensitive or too emotional. There is a clean and empowered way to own our sensitivities, intuitive abilities and our inner empowerment! The following re-play of our webinar will provide you with insights on how to shift your mind, brain, attachment system and subtle energy so you embody true healthy power. And, on March 9-10 I am offering an in-person training to support you even more. Click here for details and registration! I hope you enjoy the webinar. See the pdf of notes, worksheets and additional material covered in the webinar.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions or need additional information.


Take this work into the experiential and join us for a transformative weekend!

Traumacoaches.com/weekend-workshops/  $97 two-days of in person experiential training in Boulder Colorado
– Upon request/availability Room in Healing Ctr. Only $40


If you can’t join us in person, come learn the 5 spiritual laws so the universe can have your back and help you embody your healthy power! Only $97. Go to: Traumacoaches.com/lawspurchase   

Or see the summary at: Traumacoaches.com/Lawssummary

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