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Given it is flu and cold season, have you ever wondered what steps you can take to shorten thechildren-148898_1280 sick time?

I recently almost got the flu. And during this bout, I was humbly reminded how much I despise being sick. Yet what an opportunity too!

You see, every illness delivers a message. Read the following Tips to learn the message your illness has showed up to deliver and discover how to shorten and/or prevent your next flu adventure!


Tip 1   Every “illness” has an emotional component.


Whenever I get sick, my first step is to:

1) Determine the emotional component of the illness and understand what message it brings

2) As I do this, I also feel where I hold the energy of the emotional issue as a thought in my mind, and as an emotion in my body

3) Then I transform that issue so I can quickly reclaim that healing energy back into my mind and body in the form of wholeness, wisdom and positive action.


If you begin with this step, the illness then has the fast track to energetically move more quickly through you. The only time my flu lasted more than 24 – 48 hours is when I couldn’t shift the negative emotion or belief that contributed to the illness.


influenza-156098_960_720Tip 2   Prevention


When you first begin to feel sick, before the onset has taken over your body in the form of fever, sore throat, congestion or illness – take time off and sleep more. And, again, feel what emotional issue you need to transform so you can prevent the illness.


Also, feel the sensation/emotion in your body of the potential illness. Then, with a kind and loving mind, relax into the sensations and emotions and invite them to spread and expand.


Spend at least 15 min. 3 times a day doing this and the flu will move through you quickly.


If you are able to really feel and surrender into the initial symptoms, sometimes this will bring the symptoms briefly forward to be further expressed. And, as a result, you might feel worse for the first 12 – 24 hours. If you sleep, take supplements and continue this process, you can quickly move through the illness and prevent it from ever getting strong and debilitating.

That brings us to Tip 3 – what supplemental support do you need?


Tip 3   Get Support sick_yellow_duck_w640

Ideally, before the flu completely takes you over, there is much you can do to move it through very quickly. Learning to assess when you might be getting sick, before you actually get sick is a valuable skill.

For me, I can feel it as a sensation of germs in my energy field and as low energy. Sometimes it presents as a sore throat when I first wake up. Either way, if you can or cannot catch the flu in the early stages or find yourself fully overwhelmed by the sickness getting external support is paramount.

Below is a list of different options that can help you.


  1. Immune support: There are many supplements that can boost your immune system to prevent illness. Or, if you are already ill – there are a different array of supplements that can help the illness move through you. Because everyone is different, you should ask a professional for the right match for your system. For instance, I used “Cold Nip” during the flu and I often use “Supreme Immune Tonic” for immune support. Yet, ask a qualified practitioner for the right mix for you.


  1. Balance Chakras: The second chakra controls the Immune system and the 3rd Chakra influences the stomach/liver organs. Both of these are powerful organs to prevent and move through the flu. Spinning and balancing the chakras – and shifting any negative emotions in the 2nd chakra (front and back) is very helpful.


  1. Mind-Energy Body Support: Schedule a session to transform the negative emotion or belief held in your energy system so you gain the wisdom and shift and reconnect all three mind, energy and body systems.


  1. Get Acupuncture: Acupuncturists have great herbs and additional energetic support. They work the meridian system and there are 12 major energy meridians and 8 extra meridians. Many acupuncturist combine needle work, with something called “cupping” and even tuning forks. Not all acupuncturists work the 8 extra and each acupuncture system has a different focus so find the right type of acupuncturists for you.


  1. Nutrition: During illness, getting the right nutritional support for your body must be a top priority. If you are not educated in what your body needs, ask a professional to help you. For instance, many healers tend to be spleen deficient. So soups and mineral broth is good when they are sick. Also, staying away from milk products can help prevent mucus build up. Again, discover how to be an expert on your body’s nutritional needs and then provide the correct foods to support yourself.


  1. See a Doctor: Sometimes, if things are severe, you might have to see a doctor. Knowing when this is necessary and when it isn’t is an important skill. Sometimes, in women, a deeper heart problem can resemble flu-like symptoms so be open to seeing a doctor as needed.


I hope you stay well and if you get sick, remember to get the support you need to move through the illness. As a special gift to help you do this, I put together 3 meditation videos and E-Books so you learn how to connect to your body, hear its wisdom, then balance and transform your energy system so you can stay healthy.


Also, if you want to learn more about connecting your mind-energy-body systems for health, wisdom and positive creation, so your inner bitch can have your back, come to my next advanced integrative workshop.

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