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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).


Because I see so many people challenged by anxiety and it’s side effect of sleeplessness, I began to wonder if the subtle energy creating anxiety could have a positive benefit.


What do I mean by the “energetics” of anxiety?


Well, every emotion we have holds a very specific energetic construct. And that construct holds a huge amount of potential energy that can be used in your benefit.


You see, I don’t believe we were meant to be abused by our negative emotions. Yet, when we “process” emotions, we can lose the energetic benefits contained within the negative emotions – just like when we process bread, we sift the vital nutrients out of the white bread (see video).


In essence, the video begins to explain that if you “process emotions” you can lose the energetic charge that can bring more aliveness into your life. Yet, as you learn to transform negative emotions, that energy can be used for manifestation.


As emotions go, anxiety has a huge amount of subtle energy that can be channeled and transformed. When working with clients and anxiety, I often ask clients to re-label their anxiety to call it excitement instead.


Follow the 6 steps below so that you may use the energetic aliveness in anxiety to consciously create your longings into reality.

Step 1

Discover the source of the anxiety. Most anxiety deals with a part of your negative ego not being willing to let you be imperfect or judged by anyone or any event. As an example, when we let our inner value be linked to our ego’s false sense of self, it can feel unsafe and thus anxiety gets triggered. For instance, common categories of stress include: finances, childhood triggers, career or relationships.


“I am worried I don’t have enough money to pay rent.”

“I am afraid I might be rejected when I speak my truth to my parents.”

“I am afraid I might make a mistake on this project.”

“My partner might cheat or leave me.”


Step 2


Once you have a general idea about the source of the anxiety, feel where in your body/energy system you are holding the concern. Usually it is held in the heart chakra or the third chakra (stomach).

Step 3


After you feel into your body and energy system with a loving and compassionate mind, flip the negative feelings to the positive. For instance, if your anxiety is being fed by:


“I am worried I don’t have enough money to pay rent.” Replace it with: I am safe and can cultivate the power to create the money or find a less expensive place to live.


“I am afraid I might be rejected when I speak my truth to my parents.” Replace it with: I am safe and loveable even if my parents can’t agree with me or take responsibility for the truth.”


“I am afraid I might make a mistake on this project.” Replace it with: I can learn from any mistakes I make so I improve and become better. Mistakes are not a litmus test on my inner value.


“My partner might cheat or leave me.” Replace it with: If my partner leaves, I am still loveable and safe. I deserve someone that can give healthy love and see my value.


Step 4


Deepen the flip. Or as author and clinician Rick Hansen would say, “install it.” Spend some time feelings the higher frequencies of the positive statement sink into your body, skin, bones, tissue and nervous system. Just as butter melts on a grill, let the positive statement melt the anxiety into actions, safety and power.


For instance, using a kind and loving mind, feel the positive energy come in to your body as a sensation and emotion. Let it replace and re-pattern the negative energy.


Step 5


When doing this, remember to differentiate, individualize and dis-identify from the negative message held in the body/energy system. Be clear that that message does not define who you really are. Or as I like to say, “be kind to your human!”




As you feel the good energy come it, self-identify with the positive sensation and emotions as they transform the negative emotions. Be clear that your ego based false self is the anxiety and your true self (Core Being) is the positive energy coming in.


Step 6


As the area fills with the good energy, explore how you are going to use the energy to move forward in your life. For instance, what action are you going to take as you use this new power that comes in.


This may mean having an important conversation with a partner, boss or family member. Or it may mean creating a plan to increase your income.


Be clear about what you want to create and manifest, then release that energy out into the universe so that it may come back to you 3 fold!

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Sending love and support along your way,

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