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Welcome to our 4 part series on manifestation. 4 Videos and e-book and handouts below! If you want scientific, deep and evidence-based support for manifestation, here are the answers to your deepest questions. If you want a quick fix, stop now for this is not the training for you

If you want to take this information into an experiential training, I hope you can join us August 17-18 at our weekend workshop. For details and registration click here!

You see, you do need all mind, energy and body/brain systems to align in order to change your reality. You do have the power to awaken to self-mastery, so come learn how!

Sending lots of love,

Carolyn Bucey Eberle
Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

Click here for the E-book notes for this webinar

Click here for the chart of the 5 spiritual laws, steps and skills

Summary of 5 spiritual laws, steps and skills

Rewire Your Brain to Manifest!

Heal Your Attachment System and Trauma Orienting Patterns to Manifest

Energy Transformation Skills and Grow Your Intuition to Manifest

If you want to learn more and receive a discount session to look at your blocks and solutions to them, here is a link to schedule your session at a savings of more than $50! Click Here! If the link does not work on your browser, just email me and I will find a different payment method.  carolyn@mindenergybody.org   Once you have paid, we will find a time that works well for you.

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