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My puppy Inca, really can teach you about the link between healing trauma/the wound and manifesting deep meaning and joy in your life. Abraham Hicks is well known for teaching manifestation. Yet, they don’t outline the practical step by step tips for shifting the trauma, wound and false self that gets in the way of manifesting. So here are three tips that can assist you right now, and I hope you  join our weekend event August 17-18 for additional support!



One of the most important tips to shifting your internal blocks is to watch for any part of you that wants to collapse into victim or hopelessness.  Some times your mind will loop in negative thoughts, or you might feel your energy system’s higher frequencies drop – especially in the solar plexus, 3rd chakra. Or maybe, your body will simply feel tired or frozen. You might even want to sleep, eat, smoke or drink too much. If this happens, make sure you use a trauma healing technique called “mobilization.”  This simply means move your body – dance, run, bike or hike.  I even sometimes just do 10 jumping jacks and that will shift the negative energy out of the way!



Don’t link your inner value to what you want to manifest, and absolutely don’t let your negative emotions define your worth!  Stay individualized and differentiated. Difficult emotions and your negative feelings about yourself do not reflect the truth of reality. They are simply part of the “Maya” or illusion and are just the metaphorical clouds covering the sun of your true Core Being essence. They should never be a litmus test on your inner value because they don’t represent the deeper truth of you!  Stand back, open to the bigger picture and reach out and get support from someone that can help you self-regulate back to your bigger and more powerful self.



You can’t change the trauma/wound that blocks your way unless you learn how to heal the dysregulation in your attachment system and negative reactivity of the brain. Thanks to something called, neuroplasticity, you can rewire your brain and body systems so that they resonate at the higher frequency of your Core Being. There are many ways to do this such as by following Tip 1 and 2. In addition, make sure you learn to “be kind to your human” and discover how to self-identify as your Core Being (true self) and send so much love and compassion to your human aspect that get lost in the hurricane of life’s overwhelm!

I hope you enjoyed this tips and I hope to see you at the webinar and/or the August 17-18 weekend training and Click here for tomorrow’s webinar, 7pm.

Sending love and blessings along your way!


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