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Hoping you had a great two weeks! During this time between postings, I have been contemplating what are the 3 awakening skills I use that create continued success.


I put failure in quotes because I see those painful challenges as feedback on how to help my human awaken to the brilliance of my bigger essence. Watch the video and come learn more about my journey through painful times. You will learn that the 3 main skills of empowerment are related to your ability to self-identify as your bigger essence, while you at the same time are kind to your “human.”


You see, we all lack the skills when it comes to an area we are still learning and growing toward. The real reason we don’t advance from our failures is because we lack the ability to lean into our negative ego’s interpretation of our lack of skills. We fail to do it in a manner that helps us learn from our mistakes. We too often criticize our failures and can use our failure(s) as a litmus test for our inner value. We can collapse in the pain of the ego and then feel we are not enough.


And, as the video suggests, what if we instead self-identified as our spiritual wholeness and was kind to our human? What if we discovered how to help our human, self-identify as their Core Being and reprogram his/her brain to a higher consciousnesses? The three skills are:


individualize, and

detach from your emotional pain and false self!


Discovering how to self-identify as your higher self (Core Being) and helping your human raise his/her vibration so it matches the inner knowing and brilliance held in your Core Being (and mind) is the brilliance you can master so you manifest success! To do this, you must awaken to the quantum reality where your mistakes are part of the Maya (illusion) of reality. Or as Eckhart Tolle might say, they are the form that awakens the formless of your true self (Core Being). (Power of Now is his book!)


So join any of our upcoming programs and free trainings so you develop the skills to individualize, differentiate, and detach from the emotional challenges of your false self and negative brain’s programming. For these are the beginning steps to help you awaken deeper into the success of your Core Being!  Come learn how to self-identify as your Core Being, and heal your human. As you master this skill, everything becomes possible!

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