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When I first started teaching, I saw our spiritual wholeness as something I called the Core Being. (Brennan’s Core Star). Yet, over time I experienced that this energy held only half the divinity story. You see, the energy of the Core Being, holds our divine feminine but leaves out the divine masculine.

So, what energy frequency holds our divine masculine and how can we learn to access that energy?

And, maybe more importantly, if we are female, why do we need to access both the divine feminine and the divine masculine? And, if we are male, why is the divine feminine so important to embody? (Videos of this subtle energy – click here)

It is very powerful to understand that our spiritual wholeness holds both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy. And, when you bring both of those energies together, you then access a level of power we all need in order to navigate and find joyful balance in this sometimes troubling world.

Also, on September 1 (Boulder) and September 8 (Denver) come join us for a half day of play and exploration so you may deepen your skills to embody and balance both energies. Registration links and details on the trainings follow.  Read on to view two animation videos of your divine feminine and masculine energies.



See video of this energy.  The vortex to access this divine feminine energy is just above your navel. It is the energy of soft unconditional love for yourself and others. For instance, it holds your unique qualities of the “good enough” mother for your inner child when he or she needs support. It also holds your intuitive wisdom and unique gifts.


The following tips will help you begin to access the divine feminine energy. I call it the Golden Shadow resourcing intervention because it provides methods to help you (or clients) claim their Core Being. Your Golden Shadow is the part of your Core Being you haven’t yet fully claimed. For instance, it is also the part of your Core Being you haven’t yet incarnated into human form. I believe an infinite amount of our Core Being is available for us to discover and that our hardship and emotional pain is the portal our wholeness uses to embody even more of our Core Being. Every year I open to receive a little bit more and I am amazed at what I find, what you can find, as you open to receive it. After all, you are already, in your essence – you just aren’t always connected to your more enlightened state.

Step 1

Begin by making a short list (3 qualities) that describes your Core Being. If you find this difficult, you can ask those closest to you, what they feel are your core brilliant qualities. And, you can also list what qualities you admire most in others as they are usually a mirror to your own hidden positive aspects. (For example, you may embody compassion, wisdom, intuitive, intelligent, integrity.)


Step 2

Then place your hand on your Core Being Vortex (1 inch above the navel) and speak those qualities out loud one at a time. As you speak one quality, feel, visualize, and invoke the energy of that quality to fill your Core Being vortex. Imagine you can feel the emotion and sensation of that quality filling your whole belly area. Then move on to the next quality and repeat the exercise. Once you have done this with about 3 qualities, pause the process and imaging the sensation and emotion of those qualities spreading throughout your body – front and back, left side and right side, top and bottom. As you do this on a regular basis, your energy system will attune to the practice and it will become easier and stronger.


You know you are in our Core Being (feminine wholeness) when you experience the following:

  • We have no judgment or denial of our imperfections.
  • We have clarity that the pain and difficulty in the moment is perfect.
  • We completely accept our mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • We acknowledge that we are the metaphorical “I” in the hurricane which we can anchor into in times of stress.
  • We are glad that we are who we are, and not someone different.
  • An island of safety exists within us that we trust for support and security.
  • We feel like a beautiful sunny beach, and our imperfections are only grains of sand that help us learn, grow, and transform.
  • Negative AND positive emotions are energies that run through us, versus concepts that define who we are.
  • We can feel the sensations of tingling and flow throughout our body and outer energy system.
  • Our ego and defenses don’t define our actions and words.
  • It is easy to acknowledge the deeper truth of a situation even when we are attacked and told we are “bad.”
  • We can easily mirror our positive sense of self back to ourselves.
  • We love and comfort ourselves even when we wish someone else would save us.
  • Positive intention flows effortlessly.
  • Our positive and negative ego is silent. There are no judgments, just understandings.



See video below. The vortex to access this dimension is 1.5 inches below the belly button. In the video, notice how there can be breaks in this line and those energy blocks can be transformed and realigned. This divine masculine energy is what you need to go out into the world and manifest your intentions into physical form. It helps you embody your life task and vocation. It is also the energy that is the healthy protector of yourself and others.


Step 1:

Write out your intentions for the next 3 months of what you want to accomplish. For instance, I hope to finish editing a short handbook on how people can transform pain to power.


Step 2:

The energy of the intention line (Brennan Hara LIne) holds divine masculine energy and can help you manifest your goals into the world. As the animation shows, it runs through the center of the body, connecting heaven to earth. The energy feels like two magnets pulling toward each other as it is felt through your center line.

Name one of your intentions (editing my book) and as you think about accomplishing that goal, trace your awareness in your body, following that center line. Then feel, imagine and invoke that strong magnetic energy to awaken throughout your center line.

For additional support in accessing these energies, come to our event outlined below on September 1 in Boulder and September 8 in Denver. And, if you want a private session to explore this topic, here is a link to schedule it by clicking here!


Join us September 1 in Boulder and September 8 for a half day of fun and exploration of your divine masculine and feminine energies!

Subtle Mind, Boulder
September 1 from 10-6pm for the full training or just join one session.

$35 each or all 3 for only $80

Session 1: The Divine Feminine Energy 10-12
Session 2: The Divine Masculine Energy,
Session 3: The Divine Universal Energy and using all three skills together, 6pm to 1-3 Session 3: 4-6

Click here to register for the Subtle Mind Location!


Karma Yoga Center in Denver
September 8, 2018 from 1:30-3pm

Session 1; The Divine Feminine Energy, 1:30 pm to 3 pm
Session 2; The Divine Masculine Energy, 3:30-5pm
Session 3; The Divine Universal Energy and using all three skills together, 6pm to 8pm

Click here to register!


* Free Webinar on healing and balancing the vagus nerve, September 10; 7pm – click here.  Replay is available as long as you are registered.

* Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science Training is September 21-23, here in Boulder at my healing center. Click here for details and registration!

* Transformational Life-Centered Skills Certification  ( used to be called Mind Energy Body Certification) begins this fall! If you want a free session to explore if this is the right training for you, Click here!

A description of the year long training, click here!

Sending love and joy along your way,

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