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With all the news about sexual misconduct, I am reminded how easy it is to freeze when we feel unsafe. It is part of our “procedural memory” or “implicit learning” that takes conscious choice away from us.  When we freeze, it is NOT our fault. Yet, it is our solution to find so we can learn how to reprogram our brain and body systems out of the freeze.

I would love to hear your stories, fears and concerns on this topic and have designed a free webinar and a discounted in person weekend event to help you address this vital topic. I know for me, the news lately has triggered me into remembering the countless times I have frozen and was not able to have my own back. And, what made it worse…was that no one jumped in to protect me when I was unable to protect myself. Check out the video above and skills below on how to reprogram the freeze out of your system!

Skill 1:Can you feel sensations of tingles and flows of energy in your body?

If you are able to feel tingles and flows of sensations in your body, you are not frozen. Develop a daily practice – even if it is only 10 minutes before you fall asleep at night – do learn how to feel the sensation of your bigger essence in your body. Here is a free meditation to help you!

Skill 2: Can you feel negative and positive emotions in your body, not just your mind

If you can’t feel any emotion in your body, there is a level of freeze and/or disassociation happening. Learning how to feel positive and negative emotions in your body is very important to heal the freeze and negative brain wiring. This is a skill that can take time and support to initiate. Attending yoga classes, Chi Kung trainings and private sessions with a somatic and/or energetic guide is very useful. This is one of my favorite skills to teach clients. Feel free to attend any of our free or discount sessions outlined below to get additional support in this area. And, check out this free chakra video for support right now-click here!

Skill 3: Can you feel your bigger Core Being essence (true self) as a sensation and emotion in the body.

It is our attachment system (Polyvagal theory/nervous system wiring) that can high jack our higher brain so we freeze and fail to protect ourselves. Ok, that was a lot of technical terms. What I mean by attachment system is that the way you were taught to feel “safe” as a child, could have been to freeze or disassociate. This is because sometimes our childhood experiences were very difficult and painful so our nervous system shut down in order to create safety. Some of my clients feel the easiest technique to connect to their Core Being, is to hike in nature, meditate, or get a hug from a beloved friend. This is probably the hardest skill to teach, yet the most important. You support yourself at the deepest level when you take the time and intention to master this skill. (Check out the offerings below to see if they are a fit to assist you.)

I hope this posting was helpful, and know I am here if you have questions or need more information!

Sending love and blessings your way,


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