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As a child, did you ever look around and think…the way things work down here, the behaviors of these adults are not at all the way it should be?

Growing up, did you ever think that you had a unique purpose here on earth? That you had a mission to help and heal?

I know I did!

I remember as a college student, I would fill notebooks with insights and wisdom when I should have been reading my international policy books on Russia and the Middle East. I always thought there was a deeper purpose that was directing me.

In a recent meditation, I was show that many others were given a unique purpose as well and that my work was to help them awaken to their true essence. Let my videos, free webinars and trainings support you to find meaning, joy and purpose. Because if you are reading this, you have been divinely guided to discover a deep power that will not only heal you – is badly needed in this world to shift the distortions here on earth.

Let me know your dreams and wishes. Let me, and the others you are guided to learn from, support you to awaken the power within.

Information on my free and low cost events are outlined below. Sending love and blessings along your way!


Remember!  Only 6 spots left in our year-long mind, energy, body, spirit coaching certification program. Time is running out so email me and let’s meet to see if it is a good fit for you! And, if you join before October 20, there is a $300 discount. On November 16-18 a sample weekend workshop is being held and it is FREE if you end up joining the certification trainingCome check it out- click here!

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Healing and balancing the vagus nerve-heal the freeze that holds you back! November 1; 7pm and replay available if you can’t make it live as long as you are registered. Click here!  

Awaken to the Sacred Within! November 16-18; What can you do in this holiday season that is meaningful? This might be it! Come learn skills for healing the vagus nerve and embody a sacred spiritual formula for transforming trauma and the false self. Only $97 if you register before October 20, $147 after. Registration click here. 

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