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Mind Energy Body School of Transformation is founded by Carolyn Bucey Eberle, MA in counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Carolyn, doing couples therapy with you was the best choice I have ever made! Did I ever tell you that when Gary and I attended your couples workshop we were on, or I should say I WAS feeling on the verge of leaving the relationship. But the exercises we did with you were so helpful and his energy and MINE shifted and we are now celebrating our tenth anniversary together.

Carolyn is a pioneer and innovator. A former Washington, D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, Carolyn has been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 30 years. Yet her journey began as a child when during traumatic moments she could see and experience the sparkling comfort of the subtle energy realms racing to support her. Then, as an adult, she endeavored to understand more about what really heals the pain trapped in the human soul. She discovered the steps and skills to transform emotional pain and life hardship into wholeness, wisdom, power and positive manifestation.

As founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, Eberle teaches her formula for spiritual awakening and for healing deep trauma and emotional pain. Students learn the latest in the neurobiology of trauma, brain science, attachment theory, and somatic body-centered therapies. In addition, they discover advanced subtle energy, hands-on interventions and mindfulness practices taught nowhere else in the world.

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The school’s E-Couses, books, meditation videos, private sessions, and in-person trainings give the practitioner a “new eye to view the wholeness of a person and in doing so, to mend the fragmented pieces that torment lifes journey.

“There is a natural path to our energy and to our healing,” says Eberle. “And everyone has the innate ability within them to sense, see and experience the subtle energy realms that reveal the deeper truth of their power and wholeness.”

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