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Transformational Life-Centered (TLC) Skills 


All of our certifications, weekend events and private sessions are designed for the spiritual warrior longing to get the skills to transform life’s painful feelings, and crushing challenges to power, wisdom and deep awakening. You want the self-mastery that enables you to be the metaphorical “I” in the hurricane of life overwhelm. You want to know how to feel the false self and negative thoughts/emotions as energy and not something that defines your inner value.

Founder, Spiritual Teacher, and Licensed Professional Counselor Carolyn Eberle says,“If you are ready to live in joy, abundance and positive manifestation, AND, are willing to believe your true essence (Core Being) is so much more than the challenges you face, then you are in the right place! Practitioners advance their integrative skills for working with clients, and they advance their own ability to engage a deeper system for their inner journey.  Individuals wanting self-mastery find the structured path to awaken their Core Being and shift the blocks in their way.


  • Do you believe there is a bigger essence within you (and, if you are a practitioner, within your clients?)
  • Do you long for an integrative all-in-one mind, energy, body, spirit system of transformation and positive change?
  • Do you work with clients or want to advance your own personal growth and self-mastery?
  • Are you willing to learn how to self-identify as your Core Being (spiritual wholeness) as to lean into feeling and transform the emotional pain and false self that hold you back?
  • Are you open to discover exactly “how to feel emotional pain, trauma and life challenge” so that it transforms to wisdom, essence and the power of conscious creation?
  • Do you also believe that you can learn to live from your bigger essence throughout your day, even when the hurricane of life triggers your ego, false self, brain and body systems into fear, hopelessness or despair?
  • Do you long to self-identify as that bigger essence and discover how to help your beloved human and his or her wounded parts awaken to the power and brilliance that represents your deeper spiritual truth?
  • Are you a practitioner looking to advance your somatic, mindfulness-based, and subtle energy skills to address traumatic challenges, developmental wounding, adult attachment disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, or sexual healing?

As a student or client, when you enter our sessions or training, you also enter the realm of magical potential where you begin to experience alternate realms of reality that actually reflect the deeper truth of your Core Being.  You interact with the sometimes-harsh world from the quantum comfort and safety within.  And you know exactly how to reconnect with your true essence using our 5 skills/steps/spiritual laws system where negative emotions and beliefs are just particles of energy. 

You are deeply grateful and feel relaxed, yet passionate to move forward in your life because you know those negative thoughts, fears, anxieties and emotions are just energy that can transform from sadness to joy, anger to power, fear to courage, and illness to health.

You can actually feel emotions, negative thoughts and beliefs as sensations in your body. And when you feel those painful triggers, you know how to transform them and reconnect with your bigger essence. This helps you to feel confident, even when you make mistakes and feel discouraged by the sting of failure.

This is because you understand how emotional pain is the vehicle (actual energetic portal) that will help you incarnate more of your Core Being into your physical form.  Or as Eckhart Tolle might say, the form of your challenge transforms to the formless of your deeper true essence. 

You understand that the human held in this very formed body and brain is who your bigger Core Being is here to heal so that any of your human suffering parts can change their vibration and false identity. You know you have the superpower abilities to shift back to the truth of your bigger Core Being.

Yes, subtle energy particles of the unsupportive emotions, negative attachment patterns, trauma, thoughts, and brain wiring – shift to a quantum reality and the tangible tool you can sense, see and transform.

Let Me Introduce You to Angela…

Angela is a yoga teacher, body-centered practitioner, and is trained in prenatal birth trauma work. She has been a Buddhist meditator for the past decade. Last week, she confessed to me that she couldn’t seem to create positive long-term intimate relationships.  Her last, and longest 5-year relationship ended in her being abused by her partner. In her energy field, I could clearly assess deep unresolved negative emotions (such as anger). They seemed to be related to her father’s past incest attempts when she was just 10 years old.

Yet when I suggested she might benefit from exploring her anger, she responded by exclaiming there was no anger to be found. Since I had read deep anger in her energy field, I could tell it was the primary reason she felt stuck, so I pressed on. She confessed, she ran over her boyfriend’s foot with her car earlier that same day.

You see, as you learn to assess the energy of the deepest trauma holding your client (or yourself) back, you can avoid being an unwilling co-dependent supporter and gently guide your client through their inner pitfalls so they can heal the parts keeping them stuck and unhappy.

Over time, Angela realized what was going on and is now amazingly skilled at tracking her own energy field, finding the lower vibrational consciousness holding her back, and transforming it into wisdom, wholeness, and positive creation.

Anger is no longer an emotion that overwhelms her, and she can easily feel it in a manner that fosters healing. Two years later she is now married to the man of her dreams. As a therapist, she now “read’s” her clients energy fields, and is very skillful at helping them heal their trauma as well!

Even if anger is not your inner block, come discover how you can transform the negative parts of your false self that hold you back. You can get the skills to open living form “altered states”, that become normalized because you are so deeply connected to your bigger true essence. Eventually, sensing, feeling subtle energy and transforming the blocks in your way become a natural way of life. These are the superpowers available to you, anyone willing to learn how to transform emotional pain to power, wisdom and a deep anchor into their Core Being!



“What Carolyn teaches is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. Her work integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today. As a student in her course, I unraveled some of the deep blocks and traumas that have been running my life, and learned new ways of living from joy, abundance, and wholeness — and learned the skills to help others do the same. I highly recommend Carolyn and her trainings.”

Myriam, MA, LPCC


 “Attending Carolyn’s life affirming coaching certification was the best thing I ever did for my career, family and myself. Her strong, yet loving guidance helped me overcome my negative looping self-criticism that had strangled my ability to be successful. The ME-B system is light years ahead of any traditional somatic, trauma or coaching program. She offers a new paradigm of healing that is most certainly the path to self-mastery! The more people that gain the superpower abilities she teaches, the better the world will be.”

-Jan White, Social Worker, Mom and Business Owner

 Join us and open up to a magical world where everything is possible and everything can be probable as you gain the self-mastery skills to transform the pain of depression, anxiety, limiting beliefs, insecure attachment, sexual challenges, ancestral energies, negative archetypes, past lives, chronic illness, and your negative ego into power and positive manifestation.

Come learn how those worries that keep you up at night, can be the fuel for spiritual awakening.

You see, when you open to the quantum reality of subtle energy and combine it with best practices in trauma work, brain science and meditation, everything becomes possible. Your anxiety and emotional pain can actually become the gift which can lead you to a deeper truth, power and freedom. In this all-in-one organized consciousness technology, the mind, energy and body systems work together for more powerful results.

This methodology is evidence-based and it supports the expansion of your private practice through advanced clinical protocols that

demonstrate mindfulness and body-centered somatic practices along with subtle energy skills. Learn to activate the bio-energy matrix and resolve trauma/negative emotional reactivity and self-sabotaging behaviors that disconnect clients from their true self or spiritual wholeness (Core Being).

You learn the super power skills and steps so emotional pain is used to incarnate more wholeness, wisdom, and power into your beloved human form. This magical system is powerful, freeing and is taught nowhere else in the world.


This advanced consciousness technology combines ancient spiritual and sacred techniques with the best of modern evidence-based brain science, adult attachment work, quantum energetic transformation, body-centered trauma work, and advanced mindfulness practices.The Newtonian old world view – where everything is solid and immovable – just doesn’t hold up in science. So why live from it’s limited potential? Come get the superpower skills to engage the Quantum Reality where even thoughts, emotions and your false self is malleable and can transform to the deeper truth of wholeness, manifestation and wisdom! You see, your negative emotions are just energy, they  do NOT define your value or your state of being.

You see, those reactive emotions, looping thoughts and habituated painful cycles are simply energetic constructs that can be transformed from particles of energy holding low vibrational consciousness (trauma, anxiety, depression, false self) to the higher consciousness of awakening and alignment with the deeper truth of your Core Being and gifted potential.

Basic neuro-psychology, neuro-biology and attachment theory are included so you understand your reactive limbic brain function (and/or your client’s) and the biology of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.

The scientific foundation of this work is based on key neuroscientific understandings, to inform mindfulness-centered techniques, and track/shift subtle energy systems, so body-centered psychotherapy and coaching techniques become even more effective.

Since the human energy field (HEF) is the glue and blueprint that connects the mind with the body, you advance your mindfulness and body-centered best practices by including subtle energy tracking and transformation skills. In the neuro-science field, we draw on the work of Stephen Porges, Allan Schore, Daniel Siegel, Antonio Damasio, Alan Fogel, Jaak Panksepp, and Darcia Narvaez – among others – to illuminate why body-centered practices work, how we can work more skillfully with emotions, and how we can build resilience in ourselves and/or support clients to strengthen their capacity to transform painful emotions/trauma. For instance, you will experience how to help yourself and your clients transform anger to power and sadness to joy. Moreover, you will begin to learn how to shift the body’s nervous system – especially the vagus nerve as outlined in Polyvagal Theory. From there, you experience the tangible connection between the nervous system, the reactive brain, body, and subtle energy systems that initiate dysfunction or promotes deep healing of conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, insecurity, fear and anger.

A mindfulness practice known as meta cognitive reality and the Enlightened Observer will be introduced, so the false sense of self can be uncoupled and differentiated from current emotional reactivity and past traumatic experiences.

Specifically, you will learn how the interplay among the somatic responses in the brain, body and energy system – are related to the development of your false self and to your ability to overcome wounding, and prevent re-wounding during emotional dysregulation, trauma work, and attachment healing.

 In essence, when those negative thoughts create painful emotions that

 make you lose connection with your inner brilliance, we help you anchor back into your Core Being, wisdom and foster positive manifestation.

Specifically, you will learn how the interplay among the somatic responses in the brain, body and energy system – are related to the development of your false self and to your ability to overcome wounding, and prevent re-wounding during emotional dysregulation, trauma work, and transforming negative beliefs that hold you back.

How you feel negative emotions, determines IF you can heal from trauma. Join us and discover exactly how emotional pain and life challenge is the actual energetic portal to self-mastery. It is how you can incarnate your gifts and spiritual wholeness into human form and gain the superpower abilities to transform pain to power! 

Carolyn Bucey Eberle

MA in counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor

TLC helped me understand self-love. I can see clearly how my lack of self-love has effected all my life decisions. Before the program, I was getting love in all the wrong places-yes just like the song! And now, I have the tools to truly love myself from the high vibrational consciousness of abundance, self-compassion, and joy rather than the low vibrational consciousness of insecurity and pain. Angelique L. Singer


TLC helps you find the bliss of home within you. You learn how to be kind to your human, and

be the metaphorical eye in the hurricane of overwhelm. Come discover who you really

are and not whom you have been programmed to be.