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Working With The Whole Person – The Brain, The Body and the Subtle Energy Field

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5 Steps/Skills –
Heal Trauma of the False Self Through The Integrated Connection of Mind, Energy and Body


Chicago, Illinois
February 24-25, 2017
Friday night 5:30 – 8:00  ($25 if only attending the evening)
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Early Registration Cost: $125
(if Registered By February 5, 2016) Otherwise $175

Chicago Body Mind Wellness Suite
3525 W Peterson Ave, Ste 605
Chicago, IL 60659

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*PRIVATE SAMPLE DISCOUNTED SESSIONS: Sunday Morning are available for you to experience this work first hand.  Contact to reserve your spot. $120  (Priority will be given to workshop attendees.)

Program Content
Note: 8 hours NBCC Continuing Education Certificate Available Upon Request

This program teaches a foundational understanding of integrating the connection of mind, energy and body systems into one organized and advanced system of body-centered energy psychotherapy and holistic life coaching. You will also receive a new paradigm for healing and working with trauma. It is the next evolution of body-centered psychotherapy and mindfulness practices. In addition you receive 5 integrative positive resourcing protocols to assist clients to:

  • Embody self-love


  • Transform the false self and anchor into higher self as the true self


  • Rewire and re-pattern trauma in all three mind, energy and body systems


  • Master self-regulations skills for deep wisdom and confidence


  • Use these skills with clients right away so their trauma doesn’t re-wound them


Come learn how to bridge the diverse – yet connected worlds of somatic body-centered trauma therapists, meditators and energy healers! Basic neuropsychology, neurobiology and attachment theory will be reviewed to understand limbic brain function and the biology of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships. From there, participants will learn about the connection between the nervous system, the reactive brain, body, and subtle energy systems that initiate dysfunction or promote deep healing of conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, insecurity, fear and anger.


Kathy Speak, MA in Counseling: “I studied EMDR, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and many other forms of mindfulness and body centered orientations and I didn’t really get healing until I worked with Carolyn.  She has a profound and effective take on trauma work that the world needs to learn.  My clients heal faster and deeper and my own life has changed for the better.  Thanks Carolyn, you really get it! Thanks for helping me find me and my life path to self-mastery!”




  • Receive 5 steps/skills for regulating the interplay among the mind, brain, body, and energy systems to resolve emotional trauma, anxiety, depression and negative self-talk


  • Advance your intuitive and energy seeing and sensing skills and take these skills directly into your work with your client to better track them and to help them avoid re-wounding.


  • Learn that feeling is not always healing; there is a particular way to feel trauma so that it can become a deeper pathway to embodying the whole core self


  • Discover advanced mindfulness tools such as meta cognitive reality so past traumatic or destabilizing events no longer need to restrict the current sense of well-being and the ability to create healthy relationships, successful career, and health


  • Understand basic neuroscience processes and basic concepts about the neurobiology of thoughts, behaviors, feelings and relationships – including understanding how they present in the body and energy system.


  • Gain a profound understanding of the physiology, brain science, and energetics of spiritual awakening and embody the concept of psycho-physiology, including the reactive and sometimes dysfunctional connection between somatic sensations, the energy system and mental processes, cognition and emotions.


  • Specifically, you will learn how the interplay among the somatic responses in the brain, body and energy system is related to your client’s ability to overcome wounding, and prevent re-wounding during emotional dysregulation, trauma work, stopping negative beliefs, and preventing the development of a false self.


  • In addition, participants will learn to implement tools and exercises rooted in advanced mindfulness practices for connecting awareness to the body and the energy system.


The tools and exercises you will learn are powerful, practical, and easy to integrate into your work with clients and with yourself! Participants will also learn how to increase somatic and energetic self-awareness and physical self-regulation, crucial skills in contemporary treatment of trauma, as well as in therapist self-care and burnout prevention.


Special note: This program gives you a taste of what you can receive from our full coaching certification program. If you decide to join the residential certification-coaching program, $75 of the cost of this workshop can be deducted from the cost of the coaching certification program!




  • Awaken a new aliveness in your work


  • Skills to avoid burn out


  • Attract the clients you really want


  • Expand your practice and advance your trauma and integrative skills


  • Gain self-care techniques that help you also embody your innate gifts


  • Advance your ability to track clients and support them in resolving trauma, anxiety, chronic illness and depression


  • Develop and hone intuition and your ability to sense and track and incorporate subtle energy skills into your life and/or work



  • Mental Health Clinicians wanting more tools, skills and the ability to self-care and awaken a new aliveness in their work


  • MA Recent Graduates wanting to earn hours and learn best practices


  • Holistic Practitioners, Body Workers and Coaches wanting to advance their skills and deepen their ability to support clients and themselves through difficult life challenges


  • Individuals wanting to awaken to more self-mastery and connection to their wholeness so their negative past no longer holds them back.


  • Practitioners wanting to integrate a spiritual practice into your work and life that teaches your to connect to your whole, powerful bigger self


  • Anyone wanting to “learn how to feel” those negative emotions and events so that pain transforms to power and you don’t re-wounding clients or yourself!





Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC, MA, traveled the world studying what does and doesn’t work in helping people overcome mental health challenges such as trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness and false beliefs. She studied various forms of body-centered trauma work, somatic therapies, meditation, and brain science.


Carolyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author of Explorer’s Mind-The Map to Freedom, public speaker, spiritual explorer and founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation.  (About Carolyn) She has devoted her life to helping others overcome life’s most difficult challenges.


She has also studied and graduated from the teacher training program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is Chi Kung Certified, Reiki II and a Healing Touch Practitioner.


After years of study, meditation, spiritual awakenings and tons of certifications and degrees, Carolyn developed a system of deep and profound transformation called: Mind Energy Body Transformation (ME-B). Carolyn has taught her signature, high demand integrative mind, energy, body (somatic), spirit certification-coaching program over the past 8 years. And, she is willing to travel to teach this program in Chicago!


From a young age, maybe because of her challenging life circumstances – Carolyn was able to sense energy. Her first meditation class was at the age of 14. She now shares her gifts with you so you too can benefit and discover a better way to awaken to your own gifts and to help clients do the same!


However, her real qualifications for teaching this workshop are the lessons she learned from healing her own traumatic past and in working more than 20 years in assisting clients and students to do the same!


Sunday morning private sample sessions are available for you to experience this work first hand.  Contact to reserve your spot. Priority will be given to workshop attendees.

Location: Chicago Body Mind Wellness Suite
3525 W Peterson Ave, Ste 605
Chicago, IL 60659

February 24-25

Friday night 5:30-8pm ($25)
Saturday 10am – 6pm;

Discount Cost: $125…if registered by February 5, 2016 Otherwise $175

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