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Come Learn How to Allow The Universe to Support You with The 5 Spiritual Laws of Success


Learn to implement the 5 Spiritual Laws and receive more ease and personal alignment in your life

Do you Ever Wonder Why You Feel:

  • Stuck
  • Unable to find your true love
  • Confused about which direction to turn
  • Plagued by financial stress 
  • Overwhelmed with chronic health issues or disease
  • Unable to find the wisdom and support you need to move forward?

Here is the Honest Truth:

You feel like this because you don’t know how to receive all the abundance and gifts the Universe has waiting for you.

Learn to implement the 5 Spiritual Laws – you will experience more ease, effortlessness, and personal alignment in your life. These powerful universal laws can shift shame, bitterness, resentment, and victim consciousness and transform these into wisdom, power, and alignment for positive manifestation.


“Carolyn thank you so much for teaching me the 5 Spiritual Laws outlined in your Secret Code Training. When my father died, they helped me make sense of this tragic event. It is very life affirming and empowering to learn that life happens for me – not to me! Your training gave me the skills I needed to receive the wisdom and power waiting for me as I truly healed from the grief and pain. Your work saved me. Thank you so much!”    Kendal Lawson, Super Mom In Training

You can learn the 5 Spiritual Laws in this completely virtual, self-paced, home-based training. This personalized program will give you access to the keys you need, to let the Universe truly support you!

You no longer need to feel buried under the constrains of overwhelm, difficulty, and stress.

Instead, learn how to welcome ease, joy and well being into your life. You truly have the power to create what you want!

This program has changed my life! I’m taking this training for a third year and can definitely say that even after the first 6 months everyone was telling me I’m a completely different person. I learned so many skills to empower myself in my personal life as well as to use with clients. Grateful! Rebecca


What is Included In The Program:

  • The lessons are a combination of video instruction, meditation exercises, daily home practices, case studies and client stories!


  • You’ll get all the lessons as soon as you sign up, and you can move through them at your own pace – you can even study in your pajamas! (Begins soon so sign up now while there is still space!)


  •  Life-time access to the course materials. If you want to refer back to the lessons later, you can.


  • Access to a community-based Facebook Group where you can have your questions asked and answered immediately.


You will be fully supported throughout the course, so you can reach all the goals you set for yourself. This program is not only for individuals who are looking for personal growth and transformation – it is also developed for therapists, mental health professionals, trauma specialists, coaches, holistic practitioners, and energy healers who want to better serve their own clients.

Carolyn, I just had to write to thank you so much for organizing such a powerful spiritual training that is also so grounded in brain science. My work with clients has deepened and they now feel more safe and supported in the world. You put it all together in such an organized and easy to implement formula that everyone really needs to jump immediately into this awakening event. It changed my life and I know it will change theirs too!  Janie Wilson, LPC


Outline of The 5 Spiritual Laws Training:


Module 1: Anatomy of the Subtle Energies to assess your subtle blocks, challenges, embody your gifts, and positive creation skills. Understanding the building blocks of how the universe works, and the science behind this will empower you to implement it more precisely and passionately.



Module 2: Who Am I, Really?

Spiritual Law #1 – Your Sense of Self Creates Your Reality


Inside this module, you will begin to discover what part within you creates your positive reality, and what part prevents you from getting the career, health, abundance and relationship you want.


Module 3: Emotional Pain/Life Challenge Is Simply Energy (Not an Assessment of Your Inner Value)

Spiritual Law #2 – You Are Not Your Pain, Thoughts or Emotions


Are you ready to awaken to a deeper truth of wholeness and positive creation?

If so, you will learn tangible practical tips on how to anchor into your higher self and create a better life. You learn the life-changing skills of detachment, differentiation and individualization so emotional pain transforms into power and wholeness. These skills help you to move forward when life gets hard.


Module 4: 
Heal Your Inner Saboteur – Rewire Your Brain and Body Systems That Hold You Back

Spiritual Law #3 – Your negative past will repeat until you change your programmed response.


Why is change so difficult? Why does it seem you work so hard, but the payoff doesn’t always come as strongly? This module supports you to rewire your unhealthy patterns so life is easier and more satisfying.


Module 5: How Gifts Can Come From Misfortune

Spiritual Law #4 – Difficult Life Experiences Happen FOR You, Not TO You.


Learn how to connect to any difficulty and discover why it showed up for you. In this module, you will learn to embody the quantum skills to turn misfortune into abundance.


Module 6: How to Create The Inner Authority for Positive Creation. Connect to the Self-Love Needed For Self-Mastery, Wisdom and Positive Manifestation

Spiritual Law #5 – Pain Transforms to Power.


One of the most important life skills is to be your own authority in life. Do not let others define your value. Learn how to incorporate this critical skill into your life to deeply trust oneself.



  • One 30-minute personal phone call with Carolyn, to help you take your transformation work even deeper ($70 value)
  • Free Pain to Power Manifesto E-book, which teaches you the difference between “processing” emotions and transformation work where your emotional pain actually transforms in your mind, energy and body systems to power and positive manifestation! ($35 value)
  • Free Energy Personality Assessment ($35 value)
  • 2 Private Tutorial personalized sessions for the price of one ($70 value)




Only $97 for this time limited special offer (normally $197)

Essentially, the program is free, given all of the bonus gifts you will recieve! And there is a 100 percent money back guarantee! (Pos first module.)


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, the course is entirely self-paced. You can take your time if you want, or move through the materials quickly – it’s entirely up to you!

Can I view the course materials on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, all the lessons are view able from any mobile device.

Will I have to spend hours a day at my computer?

No, You can print the lessons and read them away from your computer skills and practice the skills in your normal daily routine. No need to spend your entire day in front of the computer!

100 percent guarantee

Your price for this course is just $97 – save $100 off the regular price, for a limited time!

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