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Here Is Your Access… Start-Up Kit Part 2 of 3

Blame it on the Brain!

Module One of this free awakening training discussed the incarnation process.

It explained that when you entered this dense vibration of earth, a false sense of self was formed and you forgot the truth of who you really are.

Your very human ego, nervous system, hormones, brain and body created negative unhealthy defenses that get in the way of creating what you want in life.

I call this your Biological Consciousness Container. It literally “caps” the level of higher consciousness and enlightenment that you can obtain. As a result, it reduces your ability to move forward in life.

I teach students and clients how to rewire and shift their “biological consciousness container” so their negative defensive patterns stop. You can learn to change your negative “human” reactivity and program into your brain and body systems wisdom, insight, and positive action.

In the work I do with clients and students, they learn to rewire their very human brain and biology (Biological Consciousness Container) so they can remove the “consciousness cap” and realize more into their inner wholeness, gifts and inner joy.

Check out this next video that explains more!

The 1st Spiritual Law I Teach Says:

If You Create Your Life From Your Wounded Parts, You Will Create More Pain and Loss!

The deepest and most profound change happens when you shift in all three of your Mind Energy Body (ME-B Works) systems!

So if your negative ego, defensive brain and body systems create your life, then you will create a lower vibrational reality and can get trapped, stuck, feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Or as I like to say, if your wounded parts create your reality, you will create a lower vibrational reality. Whereas if the CEO of your life is your Core Being, you will create a higher vibrational reality. Check out this next video that explains more.

As you awaken to the quantum reality where everything is made up of particles of energy, you then can awaken to a magical life. There is a paradigm shift happening from a matter-based science to a new science based on the primacy of consciousness. As a pioneer of this amazing new paradigm, you will awaken to quantum consciousness, showing how it integrates science and spirituality.

The last training module helps you understand little bit more about transformation and the Quantum Reality.

I will send you a link to it in a few days! Keep a look out for it in your email! And, as always, feel free to contact me personally if you have questions.