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Want to Learn A New Paradigm for Energy Healing Where You Awaken Spiritual Wholeness?
Join our online energy healing seminars and workshops to discover an amazing, cutting-edge consciousness technology for achieving health, manifestation and happiness.
Discover how you can move beyond treatment and into transformation so you no longer are limited to only allowing, pushing and pulling energy to create change. That is old school – instead awaken to a better and more advanced way!

“Carolyn thank you so much for teaching me the New Energy Paradigm. I now feel confident in my energy tracking and sensing skills and are aware of energy practices that could have brought harm to my clients. I now understand how the brain and body systems work for deep emotional healing, energy transformation, and spiritual awakening. Thank you so much for advancing my energy skills and my professionalism!” 

Kellie, Reiki Instructor

When I first learned energy healing, I thought I had to “fix” my clients. I studied many energy modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch and Brennan Healing Science. Yet, the truth is, healers don’t “fix” anyone. Come learn how and why clients, with the guidance of a qualified energy healer and coach, really heal themselves. None of us have power over another and any “fixes” you do as a healer can become temporary. When I was a beginner, I followed a “treatment” protocol yet now I teach a transformation process that provides deeper healing and lasting results.
Come learn how long-term change is about transformation and spiritual awakening – not just treatment.
Learn this more effective paradigm of energy healing where you use subtle energy and hands on touch skills to awaken the high vibration of spiritual wholeness, health, wisdom and the power of consciousness manifestation. If you have been trained in Reiki, Brennan Healing Science, Healing Touch or any other hands-on energy modality – your training is NOT complete without learning these deeper transformation skills.

And, if you are just starting out and feel that you are a beginner, then start out right with the most advanced, up-to-date, and scientific modality. Learn “right”from the beginning so you don’t have to unlearn older techniques that have less impact!

Move Beyond treatment and into an integrated transformation protocal where everything becomes possible! Get more clients, advance your skills in an integrative mind, energy, body, spirit approach that goes deeper and lasts longer!

Because of this profound and deep online training, my practice doubled, my marriage improved (including the sex!), and I feel deeply connected to my inner power. I am finally creating the life of my dreams! Thank you Carolyn! My clients heal quicker and deeper too! This is really a new paradigm of change.

Mellisa, LMT

  • Given the latest in brain science, and trauma work – do you need to update your skills?


  • Did you know that if your client feels negative emotions or trauma, they can rewound if you don’t know how the brain and body systems work?


  • If you don’t know about the Nervous Systems reactivity and the limbic triggers of the brain – you might be guiding your client into more pain and challenge instead of promoting longer term health

If you intuitively know energy healing is about a spiritual awakening process and you want deeper and more profound skills than just to fill your tool box – then this training is for you! Come update your skills and advance your ability to support yourself and clients in this foundational skill development training for hands-on energy healing and spiritual awakening!

Here’s an outline of this Advanced 16 Module Program – The New Energy Paradigm!

All the major meditations have an e-book that accompanies them and can be viewed on your phone, pad or computer! Details follow.


Module 1: Overview of Program and Webinar of the New Energy Paradigm

– Summary 
Webinar video of subtle energy and its relationship to the neuro-biology, trauma in the body, and adult attachment theory



Module 2: What is Energy Transformation/Set the Template for Success

– Set The Energy For Success
Demonstration and explanation of transformation



Module 3: Who are you really?

– Incarnation Process
 Practices to connect to your Core Being (spiritual wholeness)



Module 4: Connect to the Somatics in the Body and Open to the Energetics.

– Grounding techniques



Module 5: Connect Deeper to the Somatic Expressions in Your Body

– How to cultivate the energy of high vibrational consciousness in your mind and body systems



Modules 6-9: Summary of Energetic Dimensions
– Auric Energy Field to Claim Gifts and Heal Distortions (Chakras and Levels)

– Central Channel to Cultivate Power
– Intention Dimension



Module 10-12: Tracking and Transformation of Painful Energy to Power
Your mind as an energetic tool
Successful spiritual awakening and transformation practices so pain transforms to power, wisdom and positive manifestation



Module 13: How to Shift the Largest Barrier to Spiritual Awakening
– Changing your biology and your brain’s negative wiring in order to awaken wholeness



Module 14: 3 Hands-on Healing Interventions For Awakening and For Transforming Pain to Power, Wholeness and Positive Creation
– Balance and awakening sequence

– Core Distortion Positive Resourcing Intervention
– Core Distortion Trauma Transformation Intervention



Module 15: Expert Energy Healing Practices and How to Avoid Re-Wounding and Re-Traumatization of Self and Clients
– Do’s and don’ts of emotional wounding
– Cautionary notes on working with chronic illness, cancer and auto-immune challenges



Module 16: Conclusion – Self-Protection and Final Tips
Cultivating safety and protection for you and your clients
– Cleansing the healing space







  • One 30-minute personal phone call with Carolyn, to help you take your transformation work even deeper ($70 value)
  • Free Pain to Power Manifesto E-book, which teaches you the difference between “processing” emotions and transformation work where your emotional pain actually transforms in your mind, energy and body systems to power and positive manifestation! ($35 value)
  • Free Energy Personality Assessment ($35 value)
  • 2 Private Tutorial personalized sessions for the price of one ($70 value)




Your investment in the program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, the course is entirely self-paced. You can take your time if you want, or move through the materials quickly – it’s entirely up to you!

Can I view the course materials on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, all the lessons are view able from any mobile device.

Will I have to spend hours a day at my computer?

No, You can print the lessons and read them away from your computer skills and practice the skills in your normal daily routine. No need to spend your entire day in front of the computer!

100 percent guarantee

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