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What if you could spend the next 24 minutes discovering 7 Key Evolutionary Concepts you need to know for more effectively working with trauma and that can greatly reduce the risk of re-wounding your sensitive clients and of yourself?

And… what if you had access to a simple, proven protocol of 5 essential trauma tools to teach your clients so they can be protected from being re-traumatized by life’s most difficult and challenging moments?

And, finally…. what if the discovery and integration of these tools into your practice could enable you to awaken to a new paradigm for your work; one that could actually transform the painful emotional residue of trauma and significant life challenges… even of chronic illnesses, from an ongoing and repeating cycle of pain and dysfunction into an authentic experience of your empowered-spiritual wholeness.

I’m Carolyn Eberle, LPC, energy healer, meditation instructor, and Founder of Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, and I understand that what therapists, holistic practitioners and healers want most, is to first be of service to the healing of your clients and within that, to have the confidence of knowing that your work doesn’t re-traumatize or rewound your clients.

I also understand that you just want to stop or prevent that deep painful hurt. You know the type of hurt that comes up during life’s most difficult and challenging moments and feels as if it will completely crush and destroy you.

In this Pain to Power Manifesto, you will receive the gift of learning my paradigm-changing, foundational trauma-transforming concepts that my Core Trauma Coaching Program is based upon.

If, upon reading this manifesto, you are compelled and inspired to evolve and advance your skills even more, I will provide you with the next essential pieces to go further. You will have the opportunity to discover more about the core elements in my Integrated Trauma Coaching Program which include:

  • 5 Spiritual Laws that provide the foundation for you to develop the…
  • 5 Skills so you master the ability to implement the…
  • 5 Steps that transform the pain of trauma and life’s most devastating blows, to wisdom, wholeness and positive creation!

So read on, to see if you are ready to go deeper into this evolutionary work!

You see this system of change is deep and life-changing, and I am going to shine a bright, and for some glaring,” light on the out-dated concepts and huge holes in what is currently accepted as “best practices,” in today’s most popular systems for mental and emotional therapy/healing, energetic healing, holistic therapies/practices and spiritual awakening.

The transformation system I am about to reveal to you, doesn’t just occur through “a thought in your head,” or “a sensation in your body.” Rather, this complete, as opposed to partial, system allows for the trauma to become the catalyst for a transformational shift in all three essential aspects of the human experience: Mind, Energy and Body Systems – which I collectively refer to as: ME-B Transformation Works.

At its core, ME-B Works changes the perception of the trauma (both yours and the client’s) from being the “problem” or “issue” to trauma as the gateway to wholeness, and ultimately authentic empowerment!

How much more joy, reward, positive outcomes, happiness and quality of life could be created from that space?

In this Pain to Power Manifesto, I will share with you poorly understood; yet critically, important information that can help you, and your clients, achieve authentic self-mastery,

NOT in spite of their traumatic history, but because of it!

Again, the introductory Trauma Concepts I’m sharing with you here are just the beginning. If you choose to continue this evolution of your healer-ship, you will learn more about the 5 Spiritual Laws, 5 Steps and the 5 Skills that are the foundation for this new way of working with trauma and indeed all of life’s most challenging and overwhelming difficulties.

With this next evolutionary all-in-one Mind, Energy and Body (ME-B WORKS) System of change, you can begin to experience the dissolution of repeated emotional pain and, you can open to an experience of empowered, spiritual wholeness.

The success stories that have resulted from employing these evolutionary concepts are impressive. For instance, by following these primary foundational principles, I have helped clients heal from cancer (without chemo or surgery), they have broken free of a dependence on anti-anxiety and depression medications. Others have found loving partnerships after years of dysfunctional and abusive relationships; they have advanced their careers and perhaps most importantly, they have awakened to a sense of peace, balance, and self-mastery they never dared dream could be possible… for both themselves and their clients.

I want to be clear however, before I get in too deep, ME-B Works, these methods, are not for everyone.

  • They are not for those who require the crutch of conformity to feel safe and secure in their work
  • They are not for those who are closed to the idea that we are more than what we present at the level of body and brain, that we are in fact spirit
  • They are not for those who won’t first do the deep inner work that they ask their clients to do
  • And they are not for those who prefer to remain committed to the ease of negative ego, programmed defenses and victim consciousness

However, if you align with this work, in addition to the direct benefits to your clients, you can relax and know that the therapists, holistic practitioners, spiritual teachers, and coaches I worked with enjoy life-enhancing “add-on” benefits including:

  • Attracting more of your “ideal” clients
  • Creating flourishing and rewarding private practices
  • Greater confidence in your work and with it the elimination of uncertainty and overwhelm
  • Rejuvenation of your work – even/especially if you are currently “stuck” in the confines of the clinical and/or insurance
  • Reconnecting to the passion of your work again

You will begin to flourish as you attract the types of clients you really want. This is because you learn the secret to anchor into your deeper gifts and talents. Many students have even been able to wean themselves from the confines of insurance parameters, reduce paperwork/administrative constrains and foster more creativity and longer-lasting healing and transformation. Come read on and learn how!


Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Working All Three Mind Energy and Body (ME-B) Systems. 6
  2. Historical Foundations Launch The Next Evolution! 12
  3. How to Achieve Greater Effectiveness. 16
  4. Don’t Be Outdated in Your Trauma Skills. 18
  5. The Big “Secret” – Life Doesn’t Have to Hurt So Much! 29
  6. What to Teach Your Clients So They Don’t Rewound. 32
  7. Case Studies of Clients. 36
  8. How to Stop Re-wounding! 39
  9. Bibliography and Resources. 42

Benefits of Working All Three Mind Energy and
Body Systems Together (ME-B WORKS)

I just got back from a healing conference…on brain science and I enjoyed seeing everyone, yet I am still shocked that so many practitioners seem to get some of the most basic protocols for trauma and emotional transformation wrong. If only they could sense the energetic effects of what they are doing, they would understand there is a better way.

A new way that is simple, yet not necessarily easy! Yet the easy way is not always the best way – although so many of us wish it would be so.

In this Manifesto, I’m going to address the basic, yet fundamental issues that are right now launching the next evolution of energy healing and therapy because, after teaching this work for more than 10 years, I know from experience that my unique perspective can really make a huge difference.

I will give you the basic structures to enable you to better serve your clients, yourself and your profession. I no longer want to remain quiet on the sidelines and keep secret the key elements. I’m am here to empower you-so you too can see why, “The emperor has no clothes.” Do you remember…the story of the “Emperor’s New Cloths?


….One day some foreign weavers came to the Emperor and told him they could create a new magical wardrobe for him. And, anyone who could not see his magical cloths would “out” himself or herself as being uneducated and simple-minded. They explained that only the wise, good and knowledgeable people would be able to see the magnificent design and beauty of the cloths.

The weavers told the Emperor, IF he committed to wearing only the magical cloths they made for him, then all of his worries would go away. He would never have a negative belief or painful emotion again.

The very next day and many months following, the King wore only his “magical” (non existent) robe. Basically, he walked around nude while the villagers pretended they saw the beauty of his cloths.

Until one day, out of the mouth of a babe, a young girl looked upon the King and shouted out…”The Emperor has no cloths!”

The illusion of magic was lost, and the truth was revealed for all to see. In shame, the King ran back to the castle to finally put on some real cloths.


In essence, just as the advisor and villagers were afraid to acknowledge the Emperor has no cloths, in the therapeutic and healing professions, there are some thread-bare concepts that can re-wound or fool our beloved clients into thinking they are doing deep long-term healing.

I find there is too much of what I call: “Spiritual Junk Food” where people search for a spiritual system or they search for a spiritually-based practitioner that will take away their pain. So many people just want to find something that will heal them so they never have to feel pain, negative ego or life challenge again.

Well, I am here to explain, not only why this is “Spiritual Junk Food,” but searching for this false “holy grail” is harmful and counter-productive to healing.

For instance, as long as you have a human body, a brain, an ego, and a limbic system and as long as you live in this dense energetic dimension called “earth,” there will exist in your experience:

  • Emotional pain
  • Negative self-talk
  • Unhealthy defenses
  • Mistakes and failures
  • Painful perceptions and
  • Beliefs that can make life sometimes feel harsh and overwhelming


No amount of energetic chakra clearing, tapping or systems for “magical” positive-thinking will make it so that emotional pain and challenges never show up in your life!

To this end, the real Holy Grail is to accept that pain will happen and then learn and integrate the Skills that can transform the pain into power, wisdom, wholeness and positive creation.

And, as you learn to connect to these painful feelings and events in a manner that transforms them in all three ME-B Systems you can begin to experience true and consistent self-mastery, personal freedom and deep joy that allows you to be the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm….or learning to be the metaphorical “I” in the hurricane of life’s challenge.

Basically, I am asking you to have the deep and profound wisdom to accept there is no “Holy Grail orientation” that can magically end life’s painful and difficult moments. And that believing there is this way “out” of ever feeling pain, negative emotions or ego-based self-talk is the same as believing the Emperor’s invisible cloths are real.

Yet there is a way for you to go into the pain in a manner that opens you up to the true magic of using the negative challenge, difficulty or hurtful emotion as a portal back to embody a deep sense of joy, home, connection and empowerment you never thought was possible.

What do I exactly mean by transforming pain to power so trauma doesn’t hold you back?

The other day I was discussing this topic with a client who, over the past 7- months has deeply and tangibly realized what transformation means.  A year ago, this beloved client (who is a graduate of a healing school, and a licensed therapist) and I began working together.

Jim (not his real name) was never taught transformation before he and I began to work together. You see, he too was taught …”you must feel to heal.”

I bet you were too. Talk about a Myth! Wow – of all the Trauma-healing Myths I’ve shared with you so far, that one… You Must Feel to Heal… might take the cake.

As a result, he was re-wounded and re-traumatized and his energy field was frozen in suppressed existential fear…fear so deep that a part of him was afraid to “be here on earth.” He was terrified of being fully embodied and connected to himself, to his body and of course, to those he cared about.

Jim’s sexless marriage had fallen apart – how could it not?!   And his children didn’t want to have anything to do with him.  Yet, after discovering and embracing the gift of real transformation…all that changed.

He is now the emotional leader of his family and he knows how to consciously shift his old favorite go-to defense – anger into empowered vulnerability.  Jim “thawed” from his frozen fear and melted into love and vulnerability. The result?

His two-decade old marriage was renewed!  He shared with me about his newly revitalized marriage, “It’s like we’re high school lovers necking in the back seat during lunch break!”

So as we honored his incredible journey of transformation feeling reverence and awe at the process, I too remembered my first moment of being consciously aware of transformation. I was 10 years old and had fallen and scraped my elbow while playing on my driveway.

The pain was overwhelming and I knew I couldn’t go to my parents for help, as they never were a safe haven of support for me, not even for a scraped elbow.  With tears in my eyes, my young essence looked up from the blood and pain I was feeling and, I all of a sudden, I saw through my cloudy tear-soaked eyes…a small boy about the same age as I.

And he leaned over toward me, looked at the blood and broken tissue and said to me, “what I do, when I feel pain, is… I lean into it, I let myself feel it and then it magically goes away.”

I remember saying to myself, “hummm, why not try”?

So I tried, and tried and I tried—yet, I couldn’t.

I brought my mind into the pain-but, it was too much …it was “Out of my Window of Tolerance,” and of course I was just a child and had no ME-B Works skills to bring forth.

But, something deep inside of me knew that that boy was right.

When I looked up again, he was gone. It was as if he left as fast as he appeared. Was he an angel?  Was he bringing me an important message?

I’ve spent many decades of my life trying to solve the puzzle that angelic boy presented me with and the questions it sparked:

  • How does the pain go away by leaning into it?
  • How can I heal my deep pain and trauma my family of origin gifted me?


  • What does it mean to find myself and find my inner wholeness?


  • How does my inner wholeness help me heal?


  • What is the secret code to knowing you are more powerful than anything you are experiencing?


Over many years I went to energy healers to help in my quest to heal, yet because they didn’t understand the science of trauma work, the pain their work brought up, overwhelmed me.

Then I tried licensed therapists. Yet because they couldn’t track the subtle energies they also guided me into re-wounding.

Until one day, I said enough! And that is when I began developing this all-in-one system of change in earnest. The result is what I call, “The Secret Code.” In this manifesto, I begin to give you a hint, a taste of what is in the Secret Code. And, I hope this document invokes a yearning to learn more! To really get a deep understanding of the 5 Spiritual Laws, 5 Skills and 5 Steps that form the why, what and how of the Code!

For instance, there are two trauma mistakes that are all too common and they represent two-sides of the same “Trauma Coin.”

One side of the coin is when practitioners guide clients into what I call a “spiritual bi-pass,” skipping up into the higher frequencies of peace/joy/happiness and avoid having the client master the skills to (1) feel the metaphorical dirt in their life and (2) acknowledge and take self-responsibility for their negative reactive defensive patterns

On the other side of the coin, is guiding clients to “dig into the emotional dirt” and feel the pain in a manner that energetically enhances the dirt, multiples the pain and creates the very real risk of re-traumatizing and re-wounding not only the client but you too

It is time to toss this coin permanently into the river! It is time for a new paradigm and an evolution of best practices! My passion and purpose is to help you learn how to feel, own, and claim what is really happening when you work with clients so that as you guide them to feeling the pain, you actually transform the energy of trauma; the “dirt” into greater access to their wisdom and power and a deep anchor into their spiritual wholeness (Core Being.)

In this Pain to Power Manifesto, you will be given better ways to connect to the pain in your life (in your client’s life) so the dirt becomes nourishment to grow a metaphorical flower of your inner wholeness, empowerment and wisdom.

Note: I do agree that while escaping can sometimes be life saving, it should never become the primary, long-term strategy if you want to achieve self-mastery.

The truth is, there are huge and dangerous holes in the process work that has become synonymous with spiritual awakening.   One by one, you will gain clarity about the pivotal components that don’t work when:

  • Undertaking personal transformation
  • Shifting common mental health issues (depression, anxiety, stress
  • Relationships, adult attachment challenges, sleep disorders)
  • Healing chronic illness
  • Attempting to heal trauma and painful overwhelming life challenges

This Manifesto exposes these issues, one by one so you can gain clarity like you never have before! This clarity will enable you to become more powerful in support of your clients’ journey – even if that journey is extremely challenging. Over the years I have been able to support clients through a wide variety of very difficult circumstances including cancer, depression, anxiety, love addiction and many other potentially paralyzing obstacles to creating the life and healing your clients and you really want and deserve!

But first, let’s examine where traditional trauma therapy, spiritually-based counseling, and quantum subtle energy healing modalities are today.

Historical Foundations Launch The Next Evolution!

Before I move forward with specific skills and protocols, let’s step back and view the overall picture of how mind-body-spirit practices have matured up to this point in our history. Understanding our journey, not only the route but the “why’s” that directed the journey, provides an important foundation for helping you understand the next step in our evolution and your place in it. This understanding also provides a certain level of insurance against repeating mistakes from the past and continuing methodologies that are no longer working.


So whether you are a therapist, holistic practitioner, meditation teacher, energy healer, coach, or just someone looking for a way to transform this often difficult human state of challenge, understanding the basics of where things are now and where they historically came from, will help you open to learn how you can join in and become part of where they are evolving today!

It is an exciting time to be doing this work! Much has changed in this field over the past 150 years and it has changed at an increasingly fast pace. For instance:

  • Sigmund Freud, who arguable influenced the current day “talk therapy,” approach, began his private practice 1886 (The year my grandfather was born!) Freud worked hard and he successfully changed the face of psychology in a major way. He proposed the concept of the unconscious mind and the theory of the personality. In addition he influenced other leaders in the field of psychology such as Carl Jung


  • Freud began to correspond with Carl Jung in 1906—yet, just 7 years later Jung departed from Freud and announced his own theories and profound teachings. Jung evolved the worlds of psychotherapy and emotional healing into a new and enlightened paradigm


Talk Therapy Evolves to Include Body-Centered and
Energetic Approaches

Then, just 20 years after Jung’s work splashed into the world, William Reich, an Austrian Psychoanalysis, (second generation of psychoanalysts after Freud) initiated another paradigm shift in the field. Reich’s work provided the foundation of what eventually became known as body-centered trauma work.

Involving the body and not just the mind into the therapy modality was a radical off shoot from the accepted practices of the time. Yet, Reich didn’t stop there. He took it even further.

What was equally groundbreaking, or maybe even more groundbreaking than Reich’s focus on the body… was the fact that Reich introduced an energetic approach and dared to claim that energy is real.

For instance, in 1939, after arriving in New York City, Reich coined the term “orgone” for a cosmic energy, which he said others referred to as God. In 1940, Reich started building “orgone accumulators,” devices that supported health benefits; much like energy healing and/or acupuncture does today.

However, including energetic work into his practice served to be Reich’s painful downfall and eventually lead to his tragic death. After two critical articles in the New Republic and Harper’s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an injunction demanding Reich stop interstate shipping of orgon accumulators and associated literature.

When Reich, ignored the request, he was sentenced to two years in prison, and over six tons of his books were burned. He tragically died in jail of heart failure just over a year later; days before he was due to apply for parole.

Although this story sounds tragic, it is all too common for innovators to be attacked and/or condemned. I know for me personally, when I attended a weekend workshop dealing with the biology of trauma and the brain, I made the mistake of “outing myself” and told the lecturer that I could read the energy of the client that was pictured in the video he planned to show us.

I told him I could read the consciousness of Jan’s anger (the client) and I explained to him how the energy of the anger was held in her 3rd chakra, (creating a high dorsal tone) and was choking back her true sense of safety and power. In turn, I explained that it was most likely linked to a boundary invasion (molestation) at the age of around 5.

My doing this must have actually scared him because he hadn’t yet told the workshop participants what the body-centered therapy session would be dealing with, yet I had described it perfectly.

You see, although this particular neuroscientist went to South America to take ayahuasca* and study shamanism, and also had a strong spiritual practice, he simply couldn’t grasp or accept how easy it can be to use subtle energy as a tangible and credible consciousness tool for awaking and healing.

He hadn’t yet opened his mind to a paradigm where all ME-B WORKS systems could be integrated into one unique spiritual system of change. Nor that learning to sense energy (especially without pharmaceutical assistance) could actually be something easy to learn. In fact, many people (including myself at one time) can think that learning to sense energy and then actually use it as a tangible tool would take decades to master.

However, the opposite is true! Subtle energy awareness is actually the easiest skill I teach because you are already doing it. All you need is the support, a system and the training to notice and understand what you are already doing!

As outlined earlier, Reich’s traumatic end-in-life story demonstrates that awakening to the deeper truth of energy and consciousness can trigger people into fear. Yet, Reich’s legacy still lives on today in many profound ways. He successfully influenced many innovators such as:

  • Alexander Lowen (Bio-Energetics)



  • John Pierrakos, MD. (Core Energetics)


  • Ron Kurtz (Hakomi)


  • Barbara Brennan (International Energy Healer), and


You may be familiar with many of these names and orientations as they played a significant role shaping modern day process work. (See Wikipedia links under resources to learn more about them.)

I live in deep gratitude to all of them and yet, after studying many of these orientations, I feel there are more evolutionary changes coming that you too should be aware of so you can be better prepared in both your work with clients and your life!

How to Achieve Greater Effectiveness

Practitioners find many advantages when they include the practice of working both mind and body into one system of integrated healing. As practitioners advanced, their understanding of the nature of pain, and dis-ease, there began a natural drift blurring the lines between these once separate orientations.

Although powerful single interest trade organizations, medical and pharmaceutical companies and special interest groups may benefit from a more singular less integrated approach, the tide is too strong to go back. The force of evolution can’t be stilted or delayed for long.

So what is the next evolution?

It is the profound and deep integration of not only the mind and body systems into one powerful spiritual orientation. It is the integration of all three vital systems of change: mind, ENERGY and body (ME-B WORKS). I call this work Mind Energy Body Transformation. It provides you with the Secret Code (5 Laws/Skills/Steps) so pain transforms to power.

Don’t Be Cowed Into Hiding

For years I stayed small in the clinical world of mental health, rarely and shyly speaking publicly about the power that can be found by integrating ME-B WORKS into a spiritually based orientation of healing and awakening.

Happily, recent studies in brain science have confirmed the validity of a fully integrated approach; one that not only gives the existence of our energetic self a nod, but one in which it becomes our primary tool for working in particular with the challenges relating to trauma.

Advances in understanding the role of brain science in healing and therapy are extremely supportive of the body-centered approaches- i.e.: neuroplasticity, poly-vagal theory and Rick Hanson’s innovation around the negative bias of the brain.

So, no more hiding! I encourage you to come out and announce that you are a spiritually based practitioner and that subtle energies are real tools that create healing and transformation in a powerful and profound manner. I am here encouraging and supporting you to say, “yes,” to learning the skills so subtle energy can become part of an overall spiritual and integrative ME-B WORKS approach in your practice!

If you don’t already know how to use subtle energy as a tangible and supportive tool of an organized and integrated mind-body practice, and/or if you need more support in discovering how to use it keep reading as I am going to share with you how to get the knowledge and skills you are longing for.

Ensure you know how you and your clients can use subtle energy (as part of an integrated system of change-instead of a standalone modality) to shift the emotional pain, trauma and difficulty of life’s stresses.

I strongly encourage you to discover what may be your missing piece. What is your skill development need, in preventing trauma re-wounding and deeper, longer-term support for yourself and your clients.

In fact, thanks to new advances in brain science, there are fundamental principles of “trauma to do’s and don’ts” that could actually harm clients if practitioners don’t fully understand and develop the skills to work in a more integrated mind-body orientation of change. And understanding the energetic component takes it to the next practical and beneficial evolution.

Before I go into some of the cautionary details to eliminate; let’s first outline what skills you need to master so you aren’t left behind or stuck with outdated and less effective practices?


Clinical Skills Advance as Practitioners Master Quantum Subtle Energy Awareness – Harm Becomes Less Likely

As with our clients, lack of exposure, following an out of date system, and failure to see the bigger picture, can keep practitioners from realizing the vital role all three mind, energy and body systems play in healing.

In a hopeless exasperation, some clinicians and mindfulness experts say it takes too long to learn how to sense energy. It is too hard. Yet, over the past two decades, I find teaching students how to sense and use energy as a tangible and tool is the easiest part of my job. For all of them are doing it already, they just don’t have the confirmation and structure to take it to the next level.

Ignoring any one system, can keep part of the healing equation in the dark. I understand, not every practitioner and not every client is ready for this level of skill development and awakening. It is quite demanding to be that conscious and advanced. And thus, those that are not ready for this type of integrated approach, will surely find the “right” system for them.

Yet, for those of you that are ready, learning all three skill sets, plus learning how to integrate all three into one powerful spiritual orientation (cognitive behavior-somatic body centered-subtle energy) means you are truly doing your utmost to serve your clients with excellence.

My students call this the Secret Code and this is why I feel it is the next evolution of energy healing, mindfulness, coaching, and body-centered psychotherapy!

So whether you are a practitioner or simply someone wanting to advance your self-mastery, the information outlined in the following pages, will play an essential role in preventing further pain, re-wounding and life challenge.

For instance, read on and hear about three clients whose personal journeys can provide you with clear examples of what can go wrong when practitioners ignore either the energetics and/or the brain science and best practices behind trauma, emotional work, mindfulness, and body-centered somatic practices.

And in this next chapter, you will receive the basics of how not to be trapped in old-fashioned structures that can leave you and your clients behind.

Don’t Be Outdated in Your Trauma Skills

This next statement I make might trigger some of you. Some may consider it a radical statement. Others may even call it blasphemous or sacrilegious.

So what is the statement?

“Process Work,” can be harmful and is out-of-date!

Ok, remembering William Reich, and how he was later proven correct, don’t get too reactive. Slow down, breathe and let me bring you along with me in understanding just why this is true.

In my private practice, I work primarily with practitioners such as therapists, healers, coaches and meditation teachers. Many of these individuals come to me from other systems of change where they learned to “process their emotions” and, as a result, they were deeply re-wounded because their healer or therapist didn’t understand the 7 key trauma skills.

For instance, in the more integrated worlds, a massage therapist, yoga instructor or chiropractor will come to me and explain that while they are working with clients within their “standard of practice” licensed private practice structure, they often have a client under their care, spontaneously release deep trauma.

Unfortunately, whether they know it or not, they are not adequately trained to guide such a deep and profound process-yet they can’t just tell the client to STOP!

So they respond in the most kind, loving and healing manner they know how to do. Yet, what they say and do, is too often limited to what I now call “the old paradigm and structure” of Process Work that is based on the belief that feeling is healing.

Unfortunately this is not true.

It is much more complicated than that because, depending upon how you feel, with what energetic frequency you feel, determines if it is healing or trauma re-wounding. You see, there is so much more they could be doing if they only knew the 7 key trauma skill concepts I outline below.

On the other side of things, I also find psychologists and counselors guiding clients through trauma without grasping either the brain/body systems underlying the trauma and/or mastering the subtle energetic of the work.

Either way, what I am outlining below will help you understand how and why the current system of what is called “Process Work” is not only out of date, but it is harmful to both you and your clients. So, yes, I am introducing a new world order in the healing and mental health communities, and even a campaign where I want to eliminate what is currently called process work!

The following 7 Key Trauma Skill Concepts will help you understand why and will provide you with a structure to begin the ability to foster the shift from “Process Work” to “ME-B Transformation WORK”.

With my clients and students, I never say, “let’s process this.” I say, “What are you transforming today?”

After all, in the natural food realm, it is easily understood that processed foods are bad for you and less nutritional than whole foods, so why would it be that “processed emotions” could be good for you!

So many spin around in their emotions and mind’s thoughts, just as a processing plant will turn over and over wheat grain, until all the nutrition is shifted out of it. The processing plant makes the grain no longer good for you. Process work is the same. You see there is huge healing potential in the energetic power of emotions, yet, if emotions are processed (and not transformed), the healing energy from negative emotions can be lost.

Instead, I teach my students and clients to “transform” negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions through the body, mind and energy system:

  • At the quantum energy level
  • Within the cells, nervous system and body
  • Within the brain in terms of thoughts, beliefs and defensive perceptions, and
  • Within the higher mind, in terms of spiritual wholeness/identity

7 Trauma Key Skill Concepts to Empower You to Shift from “Process Work” to ME-B Transformation WORK


Understand the role of what I call the Biological Consciousness Container on your client’s ability to change and master higher levels of consciousness.

You and your client’s ability to change are constrained by what I call your Biological Consciousness Container.

This is because your Biological Consciousness Container actually caps the level of higher consciousness you can obtain. In other words, unless you know how to change it, you and your clients cannot change.

To shift from “process work” to transformation work, you must know how to help your client actually change his or hers’ Biological Consciousness Container. This includes, but is not limited, to knowing how to help them (or yourself):

  • Re-wire the brain/body systems, chemicals, nervous system
  • Master your ego reactivity
  • Re-align your self-identification, and perception of the world
  • Raise your sense of self
  • Transform your energy system, and
  • Heal your relationship to negative emotions, family systems, any hostile environment (attachment patterns)

These all are a few concepts, that if not altered, will hold you (or your client) back.

So when your client feels the pain of a child’s death or the loss of an intimate relationship, or the trauma of war and if they do it in a manner that actually changes their biological consciousness container, then they will raise the “cap” to a higher level and healing will happen.

Otherwise, simply feeling the pain of the trauma can actually create tears in the Biological Consciousness Container and cause further damage.


Master the skills to track your client at the most subtle quantum energy levels so they can avoid what I call higher brain override. Learn to help them bring subconscious (dark and golden shadow) material to the surface.

When a client comes into the office, I read the energy of the client to see what subconscious blocks are holding them back.

As you are able to see the deeper issues needing support and transformation, you become better equipped to guide them to transform these blocks. It quickens and deepens the healing and awakening process. It also makes it so they don’t defensively avoid owning the negative emotions and feelings in their own way-what I call higher brain override.

So what is “higher brain over-ride” and why does it prevent healing? It is when your pre-frontal cortex thinks you are ok, but your body energy system is still holding a grudge, distortion or pain.

For example, the client that says, “Really, I am OK. I am not at all bothered by my brother’s insults and actions.”

Yet, when I read her energy field, her heart chakra is shut down and her third chakra is running backwards from the pain of the attack.

When this happens, it is when the client’s higher brain, overrides the pain they are feeling deep within. This means that your client can feel they are ok in the mind, but the body/energy system can still hold deep emotional pain. This deep emotional pain, hidden inside their body energy system can make their life miserable if not transformed. It causes stress in the body, emotional reactivity and even illness.

You can really help your clients in deeper and more profound ways when you can track their energy field and body at that subconscious levels!


Your mind is not your brain and as such, all meditation and mindfulness practices are in fact, an energy session. In essence, the mind is as much an energetic tool as hands-on healing or the needle in acupuncture.

Another important lesson you can open to receive today is to recognize:

  • There is a huge difference between your mind and your brain, and
  • There is a huge difference between your higher mind and your ego-based programmed mind.

Lets first start with the concept that your mind is not your brain.

The mind and the brain are partners, yet the deeper consciousness of the mind can exist long after the brain dies. For instance, the brain is an organic, solid physical object.

However, the mind is an energetic construct that can resonate at higher frequencies of healing and power or it can resonate at lower vibrations of pain and illusion.

The mind is an energetic entity, and not set into a biological form. As such, it can differentiate between itself and the ego, between itself and its emotions and beliefs. In essence, it has a huge amount of freedom.

It is like those cartoons that have the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other shoulder–you can learn to listen to your higher mind, and not your negative ego-based programmed mind.

Although, the ability of your mind to resonate at higher levels of awareness is influenced by the biology of your brain/body systems, it simply is not as limited and constrained by your Biological Consciousness Container.

In fact, because I’m discussing an integrative spiritually based, ME-B WORKS orientation, even after death, the mind lives on because energy is never created or destroyed, it just changes form.

Acknowledging that the mind is an energy tool is very useful, actually vital to deeply grasp. For this is the only way to then explore the exact steps to follow so you can best use the mind’s energetic power as a positive tool fostering healing and not a destructive tool fostering more pain and harm.

How you support your client to use his or her mind will cause them more harm or will foster amazing healing and transformation.

So when you support a client, if their mind is resonating at the frequency of the physical brain (and the pain) it simply cannot foster a huge amount of healing and transformation. This is particularly true of somatic and body-centered approaches. If you ask your client to bring their mind, awareness, and presence into the body, the “mind, being used by you–becomes an even more powerful energy tool.”

How you support your client to use his or her mind will cause them more harm or will foster amazing healing and transformation.

So when you support a client, if his or her mind is resonating at the frequency of the physically limited brain (and the pain/trauma) the mind will spread the pain.

In such a case, it simply cannot foster a huge amount of healing and transformation.

HOWEVER, if, while your client’s mind is in the body, and, as the client is, at the same time, feeling a trauma, negative feeling or belief, IF their mind can actually resonate at a higher energetic frequency…than the pain your client is feeling…healing can happen. It actually raises the client’s level of transformation, hope, happiness and success.

In essence, you are NOT your pain. As your mind (or your client’s mind) is self-identified with your spiritual wholeness, it can melt the pain away, (like butter melts on a grill) and transform it to wisdom, a deeper anchor into what I call your Core Being (spiritual wholeness) and positive creation!

It serves you and your clients to learn the steps on exactly how this is done. In our program, we teach 5 Skills to implement 5 Steps that outline the “how”. (Feel free to contact us to learn how to better support yourself and your clients!)


Obtain the ability to sense when your client’s ego and negative sense of self is energetically merging with the trauma and when it is actually transforming the trauma, negative emotion, belief or thought at the cellular and quantum particle levels. Stop “process work” which I call Digging in the Dirt.

I’ve introduced you to the concept that feeling is not always healing and that your mind is an energetic tool. I have also invited you to explore the concept that the emotional pain you feel, is NOT the truth of who you are. Another more sophisticated part of this equation is for you to learn to notice “how” your client is feeling the trauma.

One long-term energy rule is: “What you focus on grows.” So, if your client is focusing on the pain with the same frequency that created the pain, then you will be actual multiplying the painful feeling or event and make it worse, not better.

Life is hard enough, the last thing clients need is to go to a practitioner that asks them to feel an emotion or connect to a life tragedy in a manner that grows the pain.

I can’t tell you how many clients worked with me and in just a few sessions made huge progress in shifting their Biological Consciousness Container. Unfortunately, they then went to a traditional practitioner, coach or channeler. And, the client came back to me re-wounded because the practitioner had them merge with their pain over and over again.

You are not meant to be abused by your negative feelings, ego and emotions. Yet that is exactly what happens too many times.

You instead are meant to learn the life skills necessary to transform the pain. Let’s all align to do a better job of helping clients (and ourselves) to remember the truth of our Core Being and then use that energy of wholeness to foster healing, growth, love and kindness within yourself and within the world.


Eliminate the illusion there is a quick fix! This work is not for everyone. The skills your clients need to master, so that they deeply embody the ability to avoid “digging in the dirt” and so they create the ability to master deep and profound transformation–simply don’t happen in just 6 insurance claim sessions.

Too often the therapy and healing worlds are pressured by clients, insurance companies and budgets to make promises that are unrealistic to keep. There is no magic bullet to shifting the depths of life’s pain into a deep sense of inner peace, and wholeness. And pretending you can deeply equip people with these profound, what I call “superpower” abilities to transform pain to power and spiritual wholeness takes time.

In essence, clients need to learn to be kind to their human aspects, from the place of higher mind, Core Being. I call this the ability to hold two places at once, the place of pain and the place of power and awakening.

For most clients, like the amoeba, the moment they touch the pain, they lose their self-identification with their Core Being and thus risk creating more pain and distortion in their life. So telling them that in just a few sessions, they can be equipped to stay connected to their Core Being when tragedy hits…is misleading.

I find on average, it can take a year before someone can master the skill of holding two places at once. After that, then only occasional “tune-ups” are needed.

However, what a gift they get after just a year of concentrated work! Think of how long a master takes or a doctorate. And, if done with enough positive intention, your beloved clients can have a Doctorate in Life!

They will actually be empowered with the magical skills for shifting the fabric of reality. This is because as they transform pain to power, they also gain the self-creation skill of manifesting a better life, career, relationship and health!

Inch-worm, bit by bit your clients’ skills will grow. Sometimes the shifts will be huge and powerful and sometimes they are slow and steady like the turtle that beats the hare. Either way, there is no way to cost out the value of freedom, inner love, kindness, power, and conscious creation. Self-mastery is possible, even probably, but it can’t happen overnight.

So I encourage you—do not sell short the value of such a focused and long-term commitment (even if insurance companies may want you to do so!) Let your clients know the value that will come to them, should they fully commit!


Ego strength resourcing techniques can be harmful to clients because they foster the ego as their self-identification and, who wants their ego to define their wholeness.

Instead move into Core Being resourcing techniques. Help your client discover who they are at the spiritual wholeness level. This is one of the most important concepts to include in your integrative spiritually based ME-B WORKS sessions.

Because the ego’s reactivity is so linked to your brain’s primal and limbic response systems, it does not serve as a solid ground for self-identification, safety and mental balance.

For example, if you have a day when everything goes wrong, your ego is going to be extremely reactive. This is because your ego can only feel good when things go right. Its sense of self is too linked to your primal and limbic response systems. So when your limbic feels anxious, your ego tells you that you too are anxious. When your limbic system feels sad, your ego identification tells you that your sense of self also feels sad.

I instead teach clients to self-identify as their Core Being and to assess if their ego is being supportive or negative. That way the ego’s response system doesn’t have to define your client’s (or your) sense of self.

As a spiritually based orientation, you know that everyone has this whole, healed essence. For your client to ever master the ability to transform the energy of pain and challenge into wisdom and wholeness, they must first be able to self-identify as their Core Being and not as their reactive ego.

Otherwise clients:

  • Unhealthy defensive structures will have more difficulty being revealed


  • Negative personality programming won’t change, and


  • Their biological consciousness container will more strongly cap the level of awakening they can obtain

Again, this level of work is not for everyone. Yet the payoff is more than you could ever imagine receiving! The benefits and client success stories are exactly what you would want for both yourself and for your clients! (See our testimonial section of the web site for specifics.)


True deep healing happens out of the healing or therapy office-NOT JUST DURING SESSIONS.

If what happens with your client during a session, isn’t further supported in how they approach their daily life in work, relationships, finances, home and play, then you aren’t fully serving them.

Give your clients homework. Let them know that they then have to integrate what they learned or experienced in the session, back into their daily life. If they don’t change how they feel and react to situations throughout their day, then they won’t rewire their brain, change their sense of self and raise their consciousness.

For instance, once your clients “know who they really are” and not who they have been programmed to be, you must have a system so they are encouraged to self-regulate back to their wholeness so their bigger self creates their life, relationships, and become the CEO of their life!

Feel free to reach out and find out about the system I use, and/or develop your own. Just understand the importance of encouraging and supporting your client to be more aware throughout their day (I say even 100 times a day) of who is creating their reality, their wounded parts or their Core Being.


7 Trauma Skills to Empower Your Clients to Shift from “Process Work” to ME-B Transformation WORKS Why It Works
Understand the role of the Biological Consciousness Container. Your clients shift from “process work” to transformation work, raising the “cap” of their healing to a higher level.
Master the skills to track your client at the most subtle quantum energy levels. As you learn to see your clients’ deeper issues needing support and transformation, you become better equipped to guide them to transform these blocks. This quickens and deepens the healing and awakening process.
Work with the mind as an energetic tool. You use the mind’s energetic power as a positive tool fostering healing and not a destructive tool fostering more pain and harm.
Know when your clients’ ego is energetically merging with trauma. Your clients remember the truth of their Core Being and use that energy of wholeness to foster healing, growth, love and kindness within themselves and within the world.
Eliminate the illusion that there is a quick fix! Self-mastery is possible, even probable, but it can’t happen overnight. Your clients receive the value of the work through full commitment.
Avoid ego-strength resourcing techniques. Instead, help your clients move into their Core Being to discover who they are at a level of spiritual wholeness.
Embrace the healing power of Out-of-Office-Time! Your clients learn to self-regulate back to their wholeness outside of sessions, so their bigger self creates their life, relationships, and they become the CEO of their life!


The Big “Secret” – Life Doesn’t Have to Hurt So Much!

Pain is the Energetic Portal Back to Wholeness and Empowered Creation!

Behavior scientists, mindfulness practitioners and others in the healing and mental health field understand that on a very real level, as a human, your inner emotional pain too often defines your self-value. Just as an amoeba contracts from a negative stimulus-you too will naturally contract from something that can feel emotionally painful.

This is especially true if the negative challenge has the intensity of a situation such as if your partner cheats, leaves you for another, or if your boss gives you a negative review and threatens to fire you.

Just as a computer is programmed to react in a specific manner, your human brain, body, ego and personality are programmed to respond in a manner so as to protect your current ego-based sense of self, foster safety, and avoid pain. This is why the emotional pain/hardship/trauma can overwhelm you and your clients.

Yet, if you remember, you are not your pain-you can then use the pain as a portal back to a better life!

I am hoping that more of you, today, can begin to see that every negative feeling…every negative life event- is really just and energetic portal that will help you reclaim your lost parts and anchor you deeper into your Core Being.

Instead of re-acting like an amoeba and running away from the pain, I encourage you to slow down and explore how to connect to the pain in a manner that creates a reward of wisdom and transformation.

Consider it is a gift from Source, providing you with a tangible vehicle to use to uncover wisdom dissolve the ego and negative defenses and to more skillfully create your best life.

So when the s… hits the fan, instead of saying this sucks, get curious as to why it showed up and what can be the gift.

Think of it, less as something “bad” and instead think of it as an arrow, pointing you along a healing path.

This means you will have to help your dear clients do a very difficult task; a task that takes them out of “process work” and into transformation work. You must help them move out of their ego, and negative defenses and actually feel and transform the emotional pain the difficult circumstances.

All painful moments are intensified if viewed from your negative ego-based defensive programming. Help clients and yourself view the pain from Core Being and thus open to the transformation process of rewiring their brain/body’s program to higher consciousness.

If you follow this suggestion, it will begin the process of helping your clients (and yourself) see that at the quantum level, their negative feelings, emotions and self-judgments are simply energy that can transform into another form.

A form that ends the pain, ends the hardness of life and that fosters the ability to become the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm.

So what I am saying is that the ego, emotions, negative personality aspects are simply energetic constructs and not solid structures. Constructs that you can simply shift so their current form transforms to resonate at the level of joy, wisdom, wholeness and conscious creation. Or as Eckhart Tolle explains in his book, The Power of Now, the form shifts to the formless.

In essence, you can have something much bigger and much more powerful that can run the show and, as you learn how to connect to trauma, emotional pain and life challenge in a very specific manner, you can then also learn how to transform its energetic frequency into your bigger self or Core Being.

And, as you learn how to do this, then there is no reason to be trapped by your biological “computer” program! There is no reason to be trapped in your pain.

Because energy IS consciousness, and IS the medium that connects the mind with the body, you can learn to self-regulate and shift your ME-B WORKS System so you anchor into your true self, your Core Being.

All of us have a true healed “god-like” sense of self. Life experiences, trauma, especially prenatal, birth and childhood experiences can create false images and beliefs about yourself. As a result, you adopt defenses and a false sense of who you really are. This false sense of self can limit us from achieving our life’s passions and joys.

So how do you do this?

I teach clients and practitioners how to LEAN INTO THE PAIN in a manner where the energy of the pain transforms into wisdom, a deeper anchor into your Core Being and positive action. You see, there is magic in the world and every day can be a magical moment—that is–when you understand that every painful emotion and every life challenge is an actual energetic portal- a construct – that can shift in form to a higher frequency bring joy, peace and wisdom along the way.

As you learn to connect to challenge, negative sense of self and emotions as energy and not as a representation of the deeper truth, you also learn how to anchor into the gift the challenge of life was meant to bring you.

No longer do you have to feel abused or victimized by life’s difficulties.

Instead, the negative feeling or event becomes the dirt that grows the metaphorical lotus flower of spiritual wholeness, wisdom, joy and a deep sense of freedom you never thought was possible.

In time, you can learn to lean into any difficulty, because you will know how to transform it into the gift it was meant to bring. Just as a horse, galloping across the field hunts for the next obstacle, you will want to hunt for your next painful feeling.

What to Teach Your Clients So They Don’t Rewound

Here are 5 supportive protocol elements outlining essential skills to teach your clients so they are more aligned to overcome trauma and to shift pain to power.

Trauma and life challenge don’t have to hold your clients back, instead they can be the fuel to ignite deep awakening and positive creation!

  1. Teach clients how to anchor into their Core Being and discover who they really are, as opposed to who they have been programmed to be.

It is important to note that what we think, and “what we really are” don’t always match. There is no greater gift than helping yourself and/or your clients to anchor into their Core Being. If they can know who they really are:

  • In the mind as a thought,
  • Feel it in the body as a sensation of tingles and flows and


  • Then also experience it as an emotion (a place of home and bliss) in both the mind and the body, and then they can also eventually gain the skill of leaning into the pain, to transform it into a gift of wisdom, wholeness and positive creation.

Over the years, I find students and clients can believe in the concept of wholeness, yet there needs to be a supportive environment and a system to teach them how to “be” their wholeness when life challenge knocks aggressively on their door. (More on this exact system later!)

  1. Teach your clients self-regulation skills. This means that they must learn that emotions are just energetic constructs and they shouldn’t ever define their inner wholeness or value. As clients are able to individualize and differentiate from their emotions, and not merge their sense of self with their emotions, they become closer to being able to master the skill of transforming negative emotions into a deeper truth of wholeness.

So what are emotions if they are not something that defines your value?

At least that is the current construct most individuals use today. For instance, how it works today is:

  • If you feel the emotion of sadness, you are sad.
  • If you feel the emotion of anger, you are angry.

I am asking you to open to the paradigm that emotions are just energy portals leading you to deeper wholeness and as you master the ability to shift them in all three ME-B systems, you also gain the ability to shift what isn’t working in your life into what actually works!

Under the new paradigm you will instead say:

“I feel the energy of (___name emotion______) move through me! It is just energy it does not define my worth or value. Let me listen to any wisdom it may bring, and then transform it so I can reconnect back to my bigger spiritual wholeness-Core Being.

Emotions, negative events and beliefs are a gift from Source to help you find and reclaim more of your Core Being. Teaching your clients how to master this skill will be life-changing.

In essence, negative emotions, ego and negative beliefs tend to be just one of three main conditions.

  1. Valid information. Client’s emotions could have a deeper wisdom/message to investigate further. For instance, any time a client feels anger, usually there is a boundary issue that needs to be addressed. Emotions can be indicators of something your client may need to acknowledge; encourage clients to asses if the emotion comes with a deeper message. Yet, protect them so they learn how to differentiate their sense of self, from the negative emotion they are feeling.
  2. The emotions your client feels may simply be an old programmed reactive ego-based defensive response. Often this response system is triggered by the limbic system of the brain or the ego.

As discussed earlier, your brain and body systems get programmed to react in a specific manner. Sometimes your emotions are only a programmed negative defensive response system in action. It is vital you help your client’s skills develop so they don’t let their negative defensive response system be in charge of their life.

  1. Emotions may also just be feelings your client intuitively picked up from someone else (either in the past, present, or maybe even future).

For instance, in my 3rd chakra, I sensed an overwhelming sadness. Shortly after, the phone rang. It was my mother calling to tell me my father just died.

If you don’t want to hurt your clients, you can’t treat all emotions the same. Teach your clients how to assess and differentiate as to what is the origin of their emotions and beliefs. As you help your client’s master this skill, it will create the foundation for eventually teaching your clients how to transform the negative energetic frequency of their emotions in all three ME-B Systems.

In essence, help them so they don’t just “dig in the dirt.”

  1. Once you have assessed the Origin of the emotion, develop the skill so you don’t energetically merge with the emotion.

When you place your hand on a hot stove, you know you will burn your hand. And the longer your hand stays on the burner, the damage of the burn becomes much more serious.

Emotions are similar. When a hot and overwhelming emotion comes your way, you can just as easily be “burned” by its sting. Learning how to touch an emotion so you don’t get burned is a vital skill. When your sense of self is linked to the negative emotion, you merge with it and it defines your value and it creates an unsafe internal environment for you. This energetic merging with the negative emotion makes the sting of the burn much more intense. This is particularly true if you (or your client) is feeling the deep pain associated with reliving an emotional trauma such as a rape, death of a loved one or war.

Open to a new paradigm of healing and working with emotions so their energy isn’t merged with your ego and negative sense of self!

  1. It is equally important to empower your clients with the ability to assess and metaphorically clean their ME-B WORKS Systems of any hidden emotional pain that is asking for transformation.

Just as you take a bath or shower on a regular basis to keep your physical body clean, it serves your clients to go into their body/energy system on a regular basis and discover what consciousness “dust” is hiding there and transform it back to wisdom and a deeper anchor into their Core Being.

In my life, the deepest most painful mistakes I made could have been avoided IF…. I had just gone into my body/energy system to see what was hidden there.

But instead, like an amoeba, I tried to avoid owning what I was really feeling and what was really happening. My programmed defensive mind would say, run! Yet what I really needed to do was, feel, listen and transform.

Over time clients can create the positive habit of looking within their body and energy system for lower vibrational consciousness (LVC)-such as stress, anxiety, insecurity, anger, sadness, and beliefs.

Once they locate the LVC (often it is anger, sadness or insecurity) support them in knowing how to “take out the trash.” Give them the gift of knowing how they can transform it and replace it with High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) of Core Being, wisdom and positive action.

Just as the previous example of the horse galloping across the field to hunt for her next obstacle, clients can foster higher levels of awareness by hunting for the pain and shifting their energy field between sessions.

NOTE: It is vital they don’t just feel the pain. They must also replace the LVC with HVC because just as if you plow a field and if you don’t plant flowers, weeds will grow. Your energy system is no different, clients must fill themselves up with HVC or the negative frequencies may return more quickly.

  1. Help your clients notice their current baseline of consciousness in all three ME-B WORKS Systems and invite them to set goals for steady improvement.

When the “me” of today, looks back at the “me” 5 years ago…I am slightly embarrassed. It is like the Carolyn back then, really didn’t have the wisdom and presence the Carolyn (me) of today embodies.

Help your clients assess their current abilities and level of connection to their Core Being and encourage them to set goals to raise that baseline.

Because I worked hard to “raise my baseline” I keep embodying more and more of my wholeness.   Simply setting the intention for change can create the energetic template for change.

And, as I keep raising my baseline, the me of 5 years from now will look back upon the me of today and say, “Wow, dear beloved Carolyn, you really didn’t get so much of what I get today! I am so glad I kept doing my inner work, leaning into the pain and transforming it because I now am so much further along in owning my wholeness, in shaping my reality, and in fostering a deep level of power, love and kindness in others!“

1.     Help Clients Anchor into Core Being. Your clients’ shift from “process work” to transformation work, raising the “cap” of their healing to a higher level.
2.     Discover origin of emotion. Not all emotions are based on wisdom. This process promotes detachment and transformation. Vital for the skill of learning to hold two places at once-pain/core being.
3.     Discover emotions as energy and not an expression of your internal “state of being.” Help your clients learn that negative emotions should never define their value! Supports self-regulation, differentiation and reduces pain. Prevents merging self-identity with pain, promotes transformation
4.     Give them skills so they can, on a regular basis, cleanse and balance their ME-B System–shifting metaphorical dirt to power! Just as you take a shower… your ME-B SYSTEM needs Cleaning too or it builds to explode negative results. This will help your clients remember the truth of their Core Being and use that energy of wholeness to foster healing, growth, love and kindness within themselves and within the world.
5.     Goal Setting for Higher Consciousness- Remember to Have Your Client Document Progress to Support Integration of Positive Changes Self-mastery is possible, even probable, but it can’t happen overnight. Your clients receive the value of the work through full commitment. Remember to Document Progress-support Integration of Positive Changes.


Case Studies of Clients

Who Have Been Re-wounded
When the Principles of Energy Transformation
Are Not Followed

Read on and hear about three clients whose personal journeys can provide you with clear examples of what can go wrong when practitioners ignore either the energetics and/or the science and best practices behind trauma, emotional work, mindfulness, and body-centered somatic practices.

All three of these clients have masters in counseling have studied Reiki (or similar energy healing system) and also studied with well-known body-centered teachers. Yet, they still came to me feeling lost in deep pain and trauma. One was a student of a teacher that works on birth and prenatal trauma and the others were students of a well-known body-centered somatic trauma teacher.

Client Stories

(Note: Information has been changed to protect their identity)

The first story is of Kevin. Kevin was a new therapist working to expand his skill sets, yet also felt lost in depression and was reliant on medication to function in his daily life. He felt hopeless and overwhelmed with his prenatal birth trauma and could not understand why he still was so lost despite his recent studies and multiple workshops on spirituality, re-birthing, and trauma healing.

In our sessions, he discovered that simply feeling an emotion through his mind-body connection wasn’t always healing the issue unless he learned how to stop running his energy in the old lost pattern. In fact, feeling the emotions just created a deeper divot of unhealthy energetic expressions that produced more pain in his life instead of healing. The negative patterning in his energy system mirrored the negative programming in his brain and body.

Thanks to so many years of his past training and therapy, he had literally wired himself to feel the pain. Yet no one taught him that he was not that pain. So whenever he went to feel, it was to feel the trauma…not transform the trauma back into his spiritual wholeness.

I call this old system of “process work” digging in the dirt. Clients don’t really get out of the dirt; they just create a deeper hole that becomes too hard for them to climb out of!

After just a handful of months, Kevin became tangibly aware of how to shift his energy and how to feel the energy of his negative emotions in a manner that anchored him into his bigger self, and more spiritual wholeness.

He literally shifted at the quantum level, emotional pain back to power! Within a year later, he was off medication, feeling connected to his bigger whole self, and he was successfully building a strong new abundance private practice. He thanked me for helping him transform the quantum subtle energy patterns that once kept him trapped in re-wounding and pain.


Bill is a hypnotherapist, spiritual channel and energy healer. He also considers himself to be a life coach although he never trained in traditional psychotherapy and trauma protocols. I actually met him because he worked with a client of mine, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was feeling down and asked for a channel session with him. He told her that her soul had lost its inner power because of the divorce and she needed to find herself by feeling the darkness insider her.

So Elizabeth followed Bill’s advice and within hours, was lost back into the depression, hopelessness and anger that she had, in our previous 4 sessions, successfully ended. Before her life coach session, she had returned to work, and was back dating a higher level of quality men.

Yet, following the coaching and channeling session with Bill- Elizabeth became so depressed, that she forgot to implement the trauma skills she had learned with me and she became suicidal.

This individual story does have a happy ending; although I fear other similar stories don’t end with such a positive outcome.

This is because telling a client to enter their deepest pain, without equipping them with the skills to transform and differentiate from the pain in all three mind, energy and body systems, too often just expands the pain and trauma.

After just a few sessions back with me, Elizabeth regained her skills, and gained a very important lesson of “what not to do”. As a therapist herself, she remembered this lesson and shared what she learned with Bill.

It wasn’t long before Bill called me and asked to attend my school. He is now one of my top students. He still uses his gift as a spiritual channel, but his system of supporting clients is done in a practical, grounded and wise manner that is much more skillful at preventing his clients from re-traumatizing themselves.


Angela is a yoga teacher, Hakomi practitioner, is trained in prenatal birth trauma work and has been a Buddhist mediator for the past decade. She confessed to me that she couldn’t seem to create positive long-term intimate relationships. Her last, and longest 5-year relationship, ended when her partner physically abused her.

In her energy field, I could clearly assess deep unresolved anger concerning her father’s molestation attempts when she was just 10 years old.

Yet when I suggested she might benefit from exploring her anger, she responded by exclaiming there was no anger to be found.

Since I had read deep anger in her field, I could tell it was the primary reason she felt stuck so I pressed on.

She confessed, she ran over her current boyfriend’s foot with her car earlier that same day.

Over time, Angela realized what was going on and is now amazingly skilled at tracking her own energy field, finding the lower vibrational consciousness (LVC) holding her back and transforming it into wisdom, wholeness and positive creation.

Anger is no longer an emotion that overwhelms her, and she can easily feel it in a manner that fosters healing. She even shifted to the point that, two years later she is now married to the man of her dreams.

How to Stop Re-wounding!

I hope I set the stage to help you understand the power of this next evolution of healing and therapy that teaches you how to prevent re-traumatizing yourself or your clients in this difficult, dense earthly world.

You see, life is going to be difficult. There will be ups, but there will also be downs. As long as you have an ego and as long as you have a limbic system, there is no way to avoid emotional pain.

Yet, if you can incorporate these 7 trauma concepts and teach your clients the 5 essential skills outline in the protocol above, you go a long way in preventing harm and fostering a way to connect to those most difficult and painful moments in a manner that brings you closer to your true self, Core Being, and closer to a deep empowered essence that will successfully become the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm.

And with time, patience and a deepening of these skills you will also understand how magical life is. How lucky you are that negative event crossed your path because it became the arrow, pointing you toward more conscious creation and finding what freedom really is!

To summarize some of the main “take aways” to incorporate into your life:

The hardness of life is an illusion. You are not meant to suffer. There is a Secret Code to discovering how life is really a gift. With the “right” skills, you can find the magic in every moment!

Emotions are energetic portals. Don’t process them away; use their abundant and vibrant energy to bring you closer to your true spiritual essence. As you do this, you will gather the lessons you need to create the life you really want

Adopt and truly embody the quantum and spiritual reality we all live in. Discover transformation work and leave behind the old construct of “process work.”

There is a real Biological Consciousness Container that “caps” the level of higher consciousness you can obtain. If the container doesn’t grow and change, you can’t grow and change. Master the skills to re-wire and build this container, and you will end anxiety, depression, relationship challenges or any other blocks holding you back.

Your brain is not your mind. Yet your mind can be a powerful energetic tool or it can serve to re-traumatize you and hold you back. Embody your higher mind that mirrors your Core Being and use it to shift what is difficult and painful in your life. It is a powerful energetic tool—when used effectively—your higher mind can help you shift any pain or difficulty into power, wisdom and magical creation.

What you think you are, and who you really are is something much different. There is an ego-based programming that is biologically and organically based that wants to define your sense of self. Your Core Being is your true self! It holds the energy of transformation. It has never been wounded and cannot be re-traumatized. Discover who you really are instead of whom you are programmed to be. This is your true-life task. This is why you were born. To reclaim your Core Being, and to create your life from that wisdom, wholeness and magical essence of healing, freedom, balance and endless joy, kindness and love!

There is no easy fix. I know of numerous systems that say, “In only a weekend, you will never have another negative belief.” I call that spiritual junk food. Fight it! It takes time to learn these skills, and it takes time to change the biological consciousness container. Embrace the time frame and don’t let insurance companies, budgets or negative beliefs get in the way of supporting your client in doing the deeper work! After all, if it only takes 1 year to change 30-50 years of negative programming, that is relatively a short time!

For any system to be fully effective, it must offer a component that supports you to integrate it into your daily life. This is the only way to prevent what Rick Hansen calls the negative bias and what I call the need to re-wire and raise your biological consciousness container. The system I offer provides you with a structure to integrate it into your life. It is based on 5 Spiritual Laws that provide the basis to learn 5 Skills so you can implement 5 Steps that shift pain to power.

As one of my certification graduates wrote upon reading this manifesto,

“Carolyn taught me how to prevent re-wounding because she not only understands that process work doesn’t work—she has created an integrated spiritual system of the next evolution of therapy and healing to replace that old paradigm.

If practitioners learn “transformation” and also understand the role of the “biological conscious container” then they go a long way to preventing re-wounding. For with trauma, so many people, myself included, only learned to feel the feelings. This process will surely re-traumatize you and get you bogged down. Emphasizing Carolyn’s paradigm shift is crucial. It is what sets this work apart from everything else I have ever heard of or learned. I urge you to learn a better way. A way that promotes joy and self-mastery because it empowers you to lean in and shift any pain that comes your way; you actually learn how to transform it into a life-long gift of deep power and peace. (Heather, Child Care Administer, Zen Buddhism, and Masters in Counseling Candidate)

I personally invite you to join this next evolution of healing and therapy and not be left behind or stuck in the old paradigm. It is the wave of the future, and it is happening at a lighting speed!

The “how’s” of this system of change—are detailed in a very sophisticated and organized system I developed over the past decade. They are based on 5 Spiritual Laws that provide the foundation for 5 Skills to master so you can implement 5 Steps that transform the pain, trauma and life challenges into wholeness, wisdom and positive creation. Your next step can begin here: Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

Yet, whether you use my system of change or another, I encourage you to master the basic components outlined in these pages so you awaken to the ability to prevent harm, and acknowledge that any “bad” can transform into something valuable!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, comments or need additional support. Also, please write a comment section below and share if, how or why this Pain to Power manifestoes served to help you become a more powerful catalyst for your clients!

If you are a holistic healer, a consistent and long-term practitioner of a transformational practice such as meditation or yoga, or someone who is ready to advance your own self-mastery skills (as I once was), you can find the gold in this work as well. Feel free to contact me, join our in person or online training programs and empower yourself to get the ME-B Skills to create the life you deserve.

Reach out to share your stories in the comment section below. Know I am here to support you in being successful.

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