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Transformational Life-Skills Coaching Certification

Groundbreaking certification for therapists, practitioners, and healers of all sorts. It is also perfect if you want to awaken to your inner intuitive superpowers and gain self-mastery. (Class summary click here!)


As you travel through the 12 classes, you also travel within and heal the pain, negative brain wiring and false self that keep you from your brilliance. This is a very sacred year of spiritual awakening and discovery as this work is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. It integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today.

In addition, you will learn more than 20 specific hands-on touch and no-touch integrative mind, energy, body, spirit interventions. In addition, you receive the map to transform any emotional pain, anxiety, depression or life challenge into wisdom, wholeness and positive manifestation. Specifically you will learn 5 spiritual laws, steps and skills to transform pain to power. The year-long (one weekend a month) training begins with learning to embody the higher vibrations of your Core Being and universal energies of oneness (classes 1-4) . As you learn to raise your vibration (and help client’s raise theirs) then you learn to transform any insecure attachment patterns, shift developmental child wounding, and embody the divine yin and yang power (classes 5-7).  As your skills advance, you will learn our powerful integrative techniques to heal trauma (class 8), ancestral lineage (epigenetics) and negative archetypes (class 9). Then in class 10 you are ready to explore healing cancer/chronic illness and transform sexual wounding (class 11). The year ends in class 12 where you learn how to integrate the power off all 12 classes into your life and work. We take your picture class one and class 12 because it documents the huge changes you  make throughout the certification awakening process.

“Carolyn, believed in me so I could believe in myself!” Nancy, Yoga Instructor
Created by Carolyn Eberle Bucey, LPC

Master integrative skills of energy healers, body-centered trauma therapists, spiritual warriors and meditators. This evidence-based system is the next evolution of therapy and healing. It is an advanced consciousness technology designed to cultivate positive change and awakening! Learn to heal the deepest blocks that prevent abundance, success and joy with more than 30 protocols to transform: anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, insecure attachment, negative ancestral challenges, painful archetypes, chronic illness, sexual wounding, and the unhealthy reactivity of the false self.

A safe and supportive environment is created so students awaken to their next level of gifts and power of positive manifestation. And, by students doing their own inner transformation, their expertise to guide others advances even more.

As students learn to live from the quantum reality of subtle energy awareness, they get superpower abilities to transform emotional pain to power and wisdom. If you are ready to see the truth behind the “Maya” of the dream ruling your life, then join quickly so you can get started right away! The adventures of a lifetime are waiting.

Each of the 12 classes is 2 1/2 days per month in-person in Boulder, CO.

Friday (3 pm–8 pm) Saturday (10 am-6 pm) and Sunday (9 am-2 pm).

Upcoming Class Dates:

ecember 7-9; January 11-13; February 8-10; March 8-10; April 12-14; May 10-12; June  7-9; July 12-14, August 15-17, September 19-21, October  18-20, November 15-17 GRADUATION!

*In class 1, dates may be readjusted depending on student needs.

Student Reported Outcomes As A result of Certification

  • Mindy: (Adolescent Therapist) This journey has been such a gift. Each weekend felt like a layer being pulled back to reveal more and more of who I really am. I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and your work, and how it is helping me heal and evolve. I have also been amazed at how easily the preteens and adolescents get the work, and how much its helping them heal and move forward! Just today, I had a collapsed teenage girl swimming in victim consciousness and self injuring leave the session feeling strong and empowered because she was able to move into and experience her anger in a healthy, healing way. So exciting to use this work even with these clients.
  • Myriam: (MA, LPCC) What Carolyn teaches is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. Her work integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today. As a student in her course, I unraveled some of the deep blocks and traumas that have been running my life, and learned new ways of living from joy, abundance, and wholeness — and learned the skills to help others do the same. I highly recommend Carolyn and her trainings.
  • Rachael: (Healer, Yoga teacher and Body-Worker) I joined the training because when a client would cry on my table, I was never sure how to help them heal the trauma. I would either pull them out of it, or lead them too far into it so they would rewound. Yesterday I had a client who’s husband just left her. She was shaking with fear, unable to sleep, anxiety-ridden about finances, and collapsed into feeling unlovable. I knew exactly how to help her so she left strong, optimistic and grateful for this time in her life. She emailed me the next day to say it was the first time she had slept in weeks. It feels so good to help women rediscover their true value and power. This training helped me show up bigger and wiser. I feel I can help change the world and make it a better place.
  • Peter: (Licensed Professional Counselor) Best training ever! When I graduated with my masters, I felt green and unsure. I now have the skills to feel confident leading clients, even incest survivors, into painful trauma because I can help them transform it. They leave each session feeling powerful, safe and filled with aliveness!
  • Sara: (Social Worker) Thanks to this training, my dream is now realized!  I quit my agency job and am in private practice making more money than I had hoped was possible. I am no longer fed up and burnt out. I even healed by adrenal overload and am energized at the end of the day!
  • Pam: (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist): I was never good at math and science. But now I understand the link between the latest research in brain science, neurobiology of trauma, relationship attachment work, and spiritual awakening. And moreover, I can use this foundation to better support my clients with the advanced clinical protocols I learned throughout the year!
  • Alison: (Coach) This is the Harry Potter school I have been looking to find! When I joined, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sense subtle energy. Yet by class 4, everyone was able to read which chakras were weak, and what and where negative emotions were held in the body.  We could also influence the energy field so the client could feel the bliss of their true self. I gained the super power ability to sense and see energy, transform negative emotions to higher consciousness, and advance my intuitive abilities. This stuff is real! And Carolyn teaches you to lead a magical life so what once was ordinary changes to a life lived in technicolor!
  • Lisa: (Body-Worker) I joined the training to advance my skills, but I stayed in the training because I found myself. Yes, Carolyn teaches profound trauma healing integrative skills. Yet, the true value of her work is the clear path to freedom, awakening and self-mastery that she so brilliantly teaches. I have a sneaky suspicion if Carolyn had told me upfront what she was really teaching, I might have missed seeing its value. Yet now that I have completed the training, I can’t wait to start year 2 and deepen my skills and raise my consciousness even more.

12 Month Certification

Transformational Life-Skills Coaching (TLC)

What You Will Learn In This Hands-On Experiential Training




An understanding of aspects of neurobiology relevant to treating trauma, including the 5 stages of the autonomic nervous system’s response to threat, Sympathetic/Parasympathetic activation symptoms and the differences among Semantic, Procedural and Event Memory systems

Enjoy an evidence-based mind, energy, body orientation of change for trauma resolution, integration and spiritual awakening. When Frankie discover how to live from the 5 Spiritual Laws so she could let the universe have her back, she over came victim thought patterns and found the love of her life!

Receive the best of mindfulness training, somatic body-centered work and hands-on touch and no-touch energetic transformation techniques. You learn more than 18 protocols to:
– rewire the brain and nervous system for deep balance
– repair the false self and anchor into the true self (Core Being)
– heal insecure attachment patterns by embodying the 3 skills of adult consciousness
– overcome relationship issues by mastering the 5 seeds of distortion around love
– transform anger and bitterness to power,
– let anxiety and fear-based responses shift to courage and forward movementi
– initiate spiritual dream work
– realign family lineage and negative ancestral patterns so advanced archetypes can be realized
– overcome sexual trauma
– heal chronic illness, cancer and help someone transition through death.

Enjoy an online student portal with demonstration videos, audio and video meditations taught during class, discussion board, webinars, evidence based research documents, suggested reading and other mastery material for successful skill development and self-mastery.

Experiential Training, class demonstrations, skill building interventions, and consciousness raising techniques will grow your intuition, subtle energy awareness, and self-regulation abilities. These activities are designed so you discover the bliss of who you really and heal the negative programming in the way. (80% of the training is experiential).

Access to decades of clinical experience from a diverse group of faculty members.

TLC supports the expansion of your private practice through advanced clinical protocols that demonstrate mindfulness and somatic practices to activate the bio-energy matrix and resolve trauma/negative emotional reactivity, negative beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors that disconnect clients from their spiritual wholeness.

Learn a holistic and integrative whole human system of personal transformation. This Secret Code Formula includes 5 skills, steps and universal laws so any negative event or life challenge becomes the vehicle to incarnate and embody more power, wholeness and abundance.

Upon completion, graduates can practice as an unlicensed psychotherapist in state of CO. In addition you will be eligible for our TLC Advanced Mastery Certification (Year 2).

Small class size – approximately 1 in 5 student-teacher ratio and individual coaching.

The ability to connect professionally with others currently using the model and create community, friends forever, and life-long support so you don’t feel you are out there on your own!

Cost: (payment plan) $397 per class for 12 classes |  (pay in full) $4,764



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Embody Transformational Life-Centered Skills & Change Your Life!

Coach Certification for therapists

I felt guided to join the TLC Certification program out of a deep desire to embrace and hone my healing gifts, and to utilize them via a spiritually-based career. When I learned of the depth, uniqueness, and variety that this training offered, I knew that this would be the perfect platform for me delve into my passions. Not only did the Certification program offer psycho-therapeutic training, but also training in hands-on healing, as well as an abundance of techniques for shifting the mind, energy, and body systems in order to facilitate deep transformation. I no longer consider myself a victim to “old programming”.