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Weekend workshops

Awaken to the Sacred Within – Introduction to Transformational Life-Centered (TLC) Skills Certification

Your negative emotions and life challenges are just energy – not a litmus test on your value!

Heal the vagus nerve and discover a sacred spiritual pathway to heal trauma, and your attachment system’s false self. Also come learn the skills that awaken your natural abilities to sense, assess, and transform the subtle energy realms of reality!


Join us on November 16-18
Location: Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, Beautiful Foothills of Boulder , CO
(Directions and address will be sent upon registration)



Registration – ONLY $97 if before October 30. Click here for the discount! (Otherwise $147) And, this workshop is free if you end up joining the full certification.


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To register for Friday night only, click here: $25

Myriam, MA, LPCC “What Carolyn teaches is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. Her work integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today. As a student in her course, I unraveled some of the deep blocks and traumas that have been running my life, and learned new ways of living from joy, abundance, and wholeness — and learned the skills to help others do the same. I highly recommend Carolyn and her trainings.”


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Times are MT: Friday 5-8pm; Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 9-1pm

What if there was a step-by-step path to Awaken the Sacred Within You? Come learn a sacred integrative process that combines the ancient and modern wisdom and also incorporates the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

In this workshop, you will also receive powerful energetic techniques to heal and regulate the vagus nerve. Come experience safe, emotional ground while you gain the skills to engage life’s challenges with renewed confidence, inner peace and power.  And, what you will be learning, is taught nowhere else in the world. So come receive the sacred formula practitioners can use right away to help clients (and yourself) access the power of their true essence, repair trauma, the adult attachment system, and rewire the painful false self reality we sometimes create.

Powerful experiential exercises and client videos will transmit the formula deep within your cells. Along with very specific protocols that will heal high dorsal tone in the vagus nerve, you will receive client videos and cellular practices. For instance, this experiential training will demonstrate mindfulness and somatic practices that will activate the bio-energy matrix and repair the false self’s inaccurate identification. This will be replaced by the energy of the mind/body connection of the true self. This approach will also mitigate negative thoughts and emotional reactivity and answer the question, “Who am I really?”


Learning Objectives and Skills


  • Introduce a sacred path to heal the subtle realms within via profound experiential exercises to transmit the work deeply into your cells. It includes a five-step body-centered bio-energy matrix and mindfulness techniques clinicians can immediately use in their practice to transform and repair. Client handouts, video links, and support material will be available for therapists to give to their clients.
  • Balance and heal the vagus nerve with powerful integrative techniques (even simple hands-on energy healing).
  • Physical movement and mobilizing techniques will be taught to transform trauma’s negative reactivity and deepen a connection into their true self.
  • The trauma linked to the false self-identification can initiate anxiety and trauma responses that can induce hypo and hyper arousal states; increase stress, blood pressure and other negative physical responses. Protocols will be given to heal and awaken deeper realms of consciousness.

I look forward to meeting you in person and having you join this powerful event!

carolyn bucey eberley weekend workshop register now

To register for Friday night only, click here: $25

Note: Questions and for more information feel free to contact Carolyn Bucey Eberle, 720-530-7621;