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Transformational Life-Skills Weekend Training & Free Webinars

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Experiential Training Certifications are held in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, CO.
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Take Advantage of Spring Energies FREE Webinar - May 27

Tools to Take Advantage of Spring Energies
Free Webinar – May 27; 5pm MT; 8 EST

Every Spring brings new energies to earth as we move from the internal cycle of Winter to awaken the expansion of new creations in spring. In this webinar, you will learn specific therapeutic and energy healing skills to use with clients (and yourself) to awaken renewal and transformation. Spring is the perfect time to discover how the light can enter through the cracks of personal challenge, trauma and conflict. In this webinar you will learn how to receive and embody them so you manifest your highest good.

  • Discover the gifts hidden In your Golden Shadow (the higher self that you haven’t yet claimed) It is like having riches in the bank, but you don’t yet know the wealth is there!
  • Birth your creative projects into physical form
  • Advance your intuition that will give you clear answers and direction in your life!
  • Clarify your positive intentions for the spring, summer, winter and fall
  • Learn subtle energy skills to shift negative energy blocks, emotions and life challenges in your way
  • Identify your negative intentions that can get in the way


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Fundamentals Of Brennan Healing Science on May 25-27

Come Awaken The Healer Within You –

You are cordially invited to a comprehensive introductory weekend for Brennan Healing Science – our next weekend is coming up soon! Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of energy work that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of your life.

This introductory training and introduction to Brennan Healing Science is for advanced students as well as those just beginning their journey. You will be introduced to virtually all of the healing science techniques taught in the first year of the 4-year Brennan School training.

Our program begins Friday evening with an overview of Brennan Healing Science and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. The Friday event is just $25 and open to the public so please tell your friends and colleagues!

Saturday and Sunday are workshop-style where you will get to experience first hand the power of this healing modality. Over the course of the weekend you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Learn a sophisticated and powerful model of the Human Energy Field (Aura) that can change your life.
  • Sense, see and track energy within yourself, at work, and in relationships through a new awareness of energy dynamics.
  • Experience the power of hands-on energy healing techniques as taught at the premier healing school in the world.
  • Access your inner guidance and ability to connect to Spirit.
Northern Boulder, CO

May 25-27, 2018 or
Sept. 21-23, 2018

Friday: 5 – 8 PM
Saturday 10 – 6.30 PM
Sunday 9- 2:30 PM

Friday Night Only $25

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Full Weekend: $325

carolyn bucey eberley weekend workshop register now

** Upon registration, please fill out the following forms:

Barbara Brennan Registration and Consent

Medical Form (Only if on medications)

Checks and forms can be sent to:
Carolyn Eberle
6366 Fairways Drive
Longmont CO 80503



Transform Pain to Power - Claim Your Golden Shadow and Heal Your False Self (June 15-17)

Transform Pain to Power – Embrace Your Golden Shadow and Heal Your False Self – June 15-17

Click Here – Discount Registration Until May 25 – ONLY $97 or $147 after May 25

PROGRAM CONTENT (Ask About CPD or Continuing Ed Credits)

What if you could help your clients find their true self and discover who they really are? What if negative emotions and the false self could become gateways for discovering their true self? And, what if this process could create profound secure attachment and a sense of deep power and agency. Experiencing safe, emotional ground in this challenging and stressful world is what most of us long to create. Yet, our inner peace and confidence can feel fleeting, like a leaf being blown in every direction by a harsh wind. This is because the false self offers no anchor when the hurricane of negative emotions, external judgments, and inner turmoil floods clients’ sense of self and safety.

This workshop will teach five steps and skills practitioners can use right away to help clients learn to repair their false self. This will be done by providing demonstration of techniques, experiential exercises and client videos.These steps will transform negative beliefs, emotions, trauma, and limbic reactivity that keep clients from their true self. This experiential training will demonstrate mindfulness and somatic practices that will activate the bio-energy matrix and repair the false self’s inaccurate identification. This will be replaced by the energy of the mind/body connection of the true self. Client handouts, links to videos and support material will be available for therapists to give to clients. The 3-ring diagram is representative of the false self (outer two rings) with the center ring being the true self. In addition, participants will learn a “this is me”, “this is not me technique” where participants get an experience of transforming the false self into the true self.

Participants will receive clinical interventions to initiate a dis-identification with the false self, including the ability to differentiate from emotional wounding as outlined in emotional-neuro-peptide theory, the biology of thoughts and emotions, polyvagal theory, and other evidence-based techniques.

The 5-step mindfulness and somatic protocols can rewire the brain and procedural memory so the mind/body systems, and the human energy matrix become aligned to support true self-identification. This intervention will create a larger window of tolerance when transforming such challenging conditions as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, trauma – even chronic illness. This approach mitigates negative thoughts and emotional reactivity and answers the question, “Who am I really?”

Learning Objectives and Skills

  • Five-step body-centered bio-energy matrix and mindfulness techniques clinicians can immediately use in their practice to transform and repair the false self -identification and initiate identification of the true self. Client handouts, video links, and support material will be available for therapists to give to their clients.
  • Introduce mindfulness and somatic techniques to assess false self-distortions that are held in the body’s negative emotional holding (including its collective bioelectric output). These techniques will teach clients “how to feel” negative emotions and beliefs so they can transform and become the actual vehicle for creating a deeper connection to their true self.
  • Physical movement and mobilizing techniques will be taught to transform negative reactivity of the false self and deepen a connection into their true self.
  • The false self-identification can initiate anxiety and trauma responses that can induce hypo and hyper arousal states; increase stress, blood pressure and other negative physical responses. Protocols will be given to support clients’ ability to dis-identify with the negative emotional body-centered cues of the false self and re-identify with true self responses in the body and its energy matrix.

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Heal Anxiety, Nervous System Reactivity - Re-Wire The Brain (June/July)

This program teaches a new paradigm for healing and working with trauma. If you also want to understand the next evolution of body-centered psychotherapy and mindfulness practices this webinar is for you as well. If you get overwhelmed by your brain’s negative reactivity – this webinar is for you! Master self-regulations skills for deep wisdom and confidence. Yet, you learn so much more! For instance, discover your intuitive gifts and how subtle energy awareness empowers you to tranform any negative emotion to power, wholeness and positive manifestation. Receive 5 integrative positive resourcing protocols to assist clients to:

– Embody self-love 
– Transform the false self and anchor into higher self as the true self 
-Rewire and re-pattern trauma in all three mind, energy and body systems 
– Use these skills with clients right away so their trauma doesn’t re-wound them 

Come learn how to bridge the diverse – yet connected worlds of somatic body-centered trauma therapists, meditators and energy healers! Basic neuropsychology, neurobiology and attachment theory will be reviewed to understand limbic brain function and the biology of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships. From there, participants will learn about the connection between the nervous system, the reactive brain, body, and subtle energy systems that initiate dysfunction or promote deep healing of conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, insecurity, fear and anger. 

Kathy Speak, MA in Counseling: “I studied EMDR, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and many other forms of mindfulness and body centered orientations and I didn’t really get healing until I worked with Carolyn. She has a profound and effective take on trauma work that the world needs to learn. My clients heal faster and deeper and my own life has changed for the better. Thanks Carolyn, you really get it! Thanks for helping me find me and my life path to self-mastery!” 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.