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Weekend workshops

Embrace Trauma – As a Pathway to Heal Your False Self and Awaken Your Natural Ability to Manifest!
Join us on August 17-18

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Times: Friday 5-8pm; Saturday 10-6pm

What if you could help your clients use PTSD, and trauma to manifest their best life? You see manifestation can be accelerated by helping clients (yourself) find their true self and discover who they really are? What if negative emotions and the false self could become gateways for discovering their true self? And, what if this process could create profound secure attachment and a sense of deep power and agency. We will also explore the power using integrative techniques to heal and regulate the vagus nerve.

Experiencing safe, emotional ground in this challenging and stressful world is what most of us long to create. Yet, our inner peace and confidence can feel fleeting, like a leaf being blown in every direction by a harsh wind. This is because the false self offers no anchor when the hurricane of negative emotions, external judgments, and inner turmoil floods clients’ sense of self and safety.

This workshop will teach five steps and skills practitioners can use right away to help clients learn to repair their PTSD, trauma and the false self. This will be done by providing demonstration of techniques, experiential exercises and client videos.These steps will transform negative beliefs, emotions, trauma, and limbic reactivity that keep clients from their true self. This experiential training will demonstrate mindfulness and somatic practices that will activate the bio-energy matrix and repair the false self’s inaccurate identification. This will be replaced by the energy of the mind/body connection of the true self. Client handouts, links to videos and support material will be available for therapists to give to clients. The 3-ring diagram is representative of the false self (outer two rings) with the center ring being the true self. In addition, participants will learn a “this is me”, “this is not me technique” where participants get an experience of transforming the false self into the true self.

Participants will receive clinical interventions to initiate a dis-identification with the trauma’s false self, including the ability to differentiate from emotional wounding as outlined in emotional-neuro-peptide theory, the biology of thoughts and emotions, polyvagal theory, and other evidence-based techniques.

The 5-step mindfulness and somatic protocols can rewire the brain and procedural memory so the mind/body systems, and the human energy matrix become aligned to support true self-identification that PTSD or trauma can hide. This intervention will create a larger window of tolerance when transforming such challenging conditions as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, trauma – even chronic illness. This approach mitigates negative thoughts and emotional reactivity and answers the question, “Who am I really?”

Learning Objectives and Skills

  • Five-step body-centered bio-energy matrix and mindfulness techniques clinicians can immediately use in their practice to transform and repair the false self -identification and initiate identification of the true self. Client handouts, video links, and support material will be available for therapists to give to their clients.
  • Integrative techniques to heal and balance the vagus nerve, including hands on simple energetic techniques.
  • Introduce mindfulness and somatic techniques to assess trauma-distortions that are held in the body’s negative emotional holding (including its collective bioelectric output). These techniques will teach clients “how to feel” negative emotions and beliefs so they can transform and become the actual vehicle for creating a deeper connection to their true self.
  • Physical movement and mobilizing techniques will be taught to transform trauma’s negative reactivity and deepen a connection into their true self.
  • The trauma linked to the false self-identification can initiate anxiety and trauma responses that can induce hypo and hyper arousal states; increase stress, blood pressure and other negative physical responses. Protocols will be given to support clients’ ability to dis-identify with the negative emotional body-centered cues of the false self and re-identify with true self responses in the body and its energy matrix.

I look forward to meeting you in person and having you join this powerful event!

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